Wednesday 31 October 2018

Message from our new captain

Dear Ladies

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I am the new Border Ladies captain and my daughter Tara is the new vice captain. I hope to bring all of my experience having followed Tara over many years representing both County and Country at all levels to ensure the long term future of Ladies Golf in the Borders. I am honoured to be given this role and would like to give something back to this great game where I have met many lifelong friends from the South of Scotland to the North. I look forward to seeing you all over the season at our competitions.
Please feel free to contact myself or Tara with any issues no matter how small.

With kind regards

Claire Mactaggart

Tara - mob 07754 484033

Monday 29 October 2018

Dates for your diary 2019

Friendly matches
vs Midlothian.......Sunday 10th March (Eyemouth) tee from 12.30
vs East Lothian......Sunday 24th March (Minto) tee from 11.00
County Competitions
Jenny Cleghorn............Sunday 7th April (St Boswells) Entry form
Spring meeting.............Sunday 14th April (Torwoodlee) Entry form
BLCGA championships..... 04/05th May (The Roxburghe)
Lawrie Quaich Charity Texas Scramble ... Sunday 4th August (Melrose) Entry form
Team tournament...........Sunday 16th June (Duns) Entry form
South Jamboree.............. 22/24th June (Thornhill)
Commonwealth Spoons.......... 21st July (Selkirk) Entry form
Silver Jubilee Quaich....Sunday  8th September (Kelso) Entry form
Scottish County Finals......
AGM ....   October    (TBA)

Wednesday 26 September 2018

AGM - St Boswells Golf Club 29th October at 7pm

Ladies I would really appreciate if you would attend this meeting as many of you have contributed this year, with great results spread throughout the players and clubs.
It is very important that all ladies are free to voice their thoughts / ideas for the future of the County ,all ladies are more than welcome to attend.
Look forward to seeing you on the 29th Oct .
Denise Richards
(Lady Captain)
To be held on Monday  29th Oct 2018 1900hrs at St Boswells Golf Club
  1. Welcome
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of meeting held on 9th Oct '17
  4. Matters Arising 
  • Sharing competition venues with Border Golf Association (men)
  • South of Scotland forums
  • Handicap allowance for BLCGA competitions 2019
  • SGL  - No finance for 2019 Scottish County Finals
  1. Captains Report
  2. Finance Report
  3. Election of Officer Bearers
  4.  Any other business

Sunday 26 August 2018

Silver jubilee quaich - results

Many thanks to Melrose golf club for the use of the coursetoday it really was in good condition.
Also to Janet and Janet for the cakes/ tray bakes just what we needed after getting a little wet……

CSS 71

Many thanks to all the ladies who took part today most of us got round 9 holes dry and then unfortunately the rain appeared.
Silver Division
1st Janet Shirra Gibb           Melrose         36 pts
2nd Alison Smith                  Hirsel              35pts

Bronze Division
1st Janet Brown                    Melrose        35pts

Obviously local knowledge won the day.

Thursday 23 August 2018

Silver Jubilee Quaich - Melrose 26th August

Morning ladies ,I have been waiting out to see if we could managed to get a few more entries but unfortunately not, but if there is anyone out there wishing a late entry please contact me.
1100hrs            Gillian Lithgow                   Julie Birdsall
1120hrs           Flora Ker                              Marjorie Rae
1140hrs           Annette Holden                  Janet Brown
1210hrs           Sharon Paterson                 Alison Smith
1220hrs           Janet Shirra -Gibb              Joyce Michie             Denise Richards
See you on Sunday

Tuesday 21 August 2018

Babe Zaharis 21/08/18

CONGRATULATIONS to Leanne Wilson ( Kelso) on winning the Babe-Zaharis Trophy at Luffness yesterday with a fantastic score of 72 there was 140 ladies from all over Scotland participating.
Well done Leanne, what a great achievement.

Monday 13 August 2018

Silver Jubilee Quaich - Melrose 26th Augst

Hi everyone just a reminder the last event for the year will be held at Melrose on the 26th Aug 2018.
The event will be a stableford competition, so anyone, any handicap, silver or bronze, are more than welcome to attend, you are all members of the Border Ladies Golf Association.
Just contact myself with your preferred T time (1100-1230hrs) and travel with a friend.
Many thanks hope to hear from you soon

Wednesday 1 August 2018

SilverJubilee Quaich - 26th August

The above event will be held at Melrose Golf Club on Sunday 26th Aug 2018.
SJQ is a stableford singles competition and the last of the 2018 season ,so come along and bring a friend with you to Melrose for a wee day out.
To enter just send me a email with your preferred T time.
The Tee times will be 1100hrs / 1230hrs.

click here for entry form
Cheers ladies hope to hear from you soon.

Monday 23 July 2018

Commonwealth Spoons 22nd July at Peebles - Results

Many thanks to everyone who took part in the above competition yesterday the weather held off and the course was playing well, some ladies found it easier than  others.
We had 20 couples take part…….Fantastic
Congratulations to the winners and runners-up who will represent the Borders in the Scottish finals to be held at Stirling Golf Club on the 3 Sept 2018.
1st      Sheila Cuthbertson    -        Lillian Smith                    Peebles              69
2nd         Mandy Lunn               -       Karen McKinlay              Hirsel                69.5
3rd      Alison Fleming           -       Rachel Wigmore              Hirsel                70
4th      Ann Fleming               -       Janet Brown                     Melrose             71
4th=      Patricia Wood           -         Margaret Fleming            Peebles              71
Our last event for the year will be the SJQ which will be held on Sunday 26th Aug location TBC
Cheers Denise

Thursday 19 July 2018

Commonwealth Spoons - Peebles 22nd July

Well everyone here is the draw for Sunday I hope I have not missed anyone .If I have please contact me ASP.
The first T time will be 1330hrs
1330            Wilma Craigie  /  Susan Donoghue               Alison Fleming  /  Rachael Wigmore
1339            Mandy Lunn   /  Karen McKinlay                 Diane Keddie  /  Katie Brackenridge
1348           Joyce Michie  /  Flora Kerr                             Jean Beattie  /  Anne Allan
1357           Janet Brown  /  Ann Fleming                          Sue Nelson  /  Fiona Craigmile
1406           Christine Bruce  /  Marlene Borthwick           Janet Shirra Gibb  /  Vicki Shirra Gibb
1415           Martha Shortreed  /  Mandy Rodger               Lorraine Tait  /  Diane Johnston
1424          June Anne Clarke  /  Kim Jackson                   Sheila Cuthbertson  /  Lillian Smith
1433          Janice Cambridge  /  June Craig                       Val McKean  /  Betty Scott
1500         Sheila Horsburgh  /  Lorna Rutherford             Marny Waddell  /  Denise Richards
Looking forward to catching up with everyone on Sunday please bring the sunshine with you.
Many Thanks Denise….

Monday 9 July 2018

Commonwealth Spoons - Peebles 22nd July

Good morning ladies
I hope you are all enjoying this sunshine spell and getting out on the golf courses.
Our next Border Ladies competition will be held at Peebles on Sunday the 22nd of July, this is a foursomes event so find a friend and send me your entry.
Please encourage all your fellow club ladies as you are all members of the County and come and meet new ladies in the area and have fun.
We have tee times from 1330 hrs -1500hrs.
Look forward to hearing from you all.

Monday 2 July 2018

Results - Jenny Cleghorn Sunday 1st July, St Boswells

What a fantastic day the sun shone all day and was pretty hot down by the river.
The ladies of St Boswells looked after us all with  tea /coffee and home baking followed by long cold drinks on our return, thanks Mary and her team.
It was great to see new ladies taking part in our competitions.    
The results were as follows
Bronze Section
 1st Janice Cambridge  (Innerleithen)             Sheila Smith (Woll)               net 62
2nd Joyce Michie   (Minto)                            Marylin Adams  (Minto)        net 64.2
3rd June McCreadie (Hawick)                       Pearl Leithead   (Hawick)      net 67
4th Diane Johnston  (Duns)                           Marion Romanes  (Duns)       net 68.2
5th Marion King  (Minto)                             Irene Middlemiss   (Minto)     net 73.8
Silver Section
1st Wilma Craigie   (Torwoodlee)                Denise Richards (Peebles)       net 62.8
2nd Pam Robson (Kelso)                               Leanne Wilson  (Kelso)           net 67.7
3rd Fiona Ker  (Roxburghe)                          Lucy Bell  (Roxburghe)           net 68
4th Jaqui Preston  (Duns)                              Anne Wood (Duns)                  net 69.6
5th Riz McGuilie (Duns)                              Molly Hodge  (Duns)                net 70.2
6th Sharon Paterson  (Kelso)                        Eleanor Pearson  (Kelso)          net 71.8
7th Marny Waddell  (Peebles)                       Sue Nelson  (Peebles)              net 72.2
8th Marjorie Rae   (Selkirk)                          Roz Roxburgh  (Selkirk)          net 73.8
9th Pam Cessford  (Hirsel)                           Alison Smith (Hirsel)               net 74
10th Julie Birdsall  (Roxburghe)                 Kirsty Baird (Roxburghe)          net 79.6 (too much chat )
Our next competition for the Border Ladies will be held at Peebles on the 22nd July. Tee off times are from 1330-1500
The Commonwealth Spoons is a foursomes competition so find a friend and send me your entry and please encourage  other club lady members to come along as ALL ladies in the Borders are members of the County and can take part in all our events.

Friday 29 June 2018

Message from our president

I would like to congratulate the Border Ladies Golf Team of Tara, Julie, Fiona, Sharon, Leanne, Juneanne, Orla and Denise our Lady Captain who took part in the South Jamboree last weekend.
It was a pleasure to see such a high quality of golf being played by all three teams - Borders, Galloway and Dumfries. I really enjoyed the weekend and I am very very proud of our team who showed great team spirit and are a good bunch to be around.
Joyce Michie
BLCGA President

Wednesday 27 June 2018

Jenny Cleghorn - St Boswell 1st July


I have waited until the last minute to do the draw, there is so much going on so unfortunately only 13 couples.
Any problemswith your times please give me a shout.

1030      Marjorie Rae      Ros Roxburgh
              Riz McGuilie        Molly Hodge
1040     Pam Robson       Leanne Wilson
              Jaqui Preston     Anne Woods
1050     Marion King        Irene Middlemiss
              Diane Johnston   Marion Romanes
1100      Julie Birdsall
              Sharon Paterson    Eleanor Pearson

1250    June McCreadie   Pearl Leithead
             Pam Cessford       Alison Smith
1300   Marny Waddell    Sue Nelson

1310   Fiona Ker     Lucy Bell
            Janice Cambridge   Vic Geogegan

See you all on Sunday

Denise Richards  

Jamboree 2018

Just to keep everyone informed of the Counties achievements at the 2018 Jamboree which was held at the Wigtownshire Golf Club 23/25 June.
The squad was selected at the end of May, a mix of ladies from 5 different clubs represented the County.
Tara MacTaggart             Minto
Julie Birdsall                    Roxburghe
Fiona Ker                         Roxburghe
Sharon Paterson               Kelso
Leanne Wilson                 Kelso
June Anne  Clarke           Peebles   ( new player)
Orla O'leary                      Hirsel    ( new player)
Denise Richards               Peebles
We arrived on the Friday and had a practice round just to get our heads together for the links course which was very dry and bouncy due to the great weather we have had.
The first match was against Galloway the host county, the morning round is a foursomes competition we managed to win 1 match out of the three so the afternoon singles was going to be a big ask for the ladies, but everyone went out with all guns blazing to do their best and what a great result, we won 3 matches and halved another so the overall result Vs Galloway was a draw 4 ½ points each.
So back to our lodges which were only 15 mins from the course located on the beach with a view to die for (weather permitting), I think our ladies will be  returning to the Ardwell lodges for a golf trip in the area soon.
Day 2 was another scorcher so sun protection was applied ….. Dumfriesshire were very strong with all 8 of their ladies under 5 handicap with the best being +3…..AAAHHHHH
We managed to win 1 match in the morning so again we had to dig deep for the singles, we came up trumps again winning 3 matches so overall we only lost 5 / 4 , a great achievement, ladies you should all be very proud.
Next year we will fight back at Thornhill and try try again.
I would just like to thank everyone for their support over the last few days, it really is a honour to represent our County, things are so easy when everyone works together.
Thank You Denise

Sunday 17 June 2018

Team tournament at kelso

Many thanks to all the ladies who took part in the above competition held at Kelso , we were very very lucky to get round dry although the wind seemed to cause some of us a little trouble.
 CSS 73
We raised £78 in the raffle many thanks ladies

Scratch                                                                                      Handicap

1st           Roxburghe 1           250                                1st       Duns                       217
2nd          Selkirk 1                   258                                2nd      Roxburghe 1         224  * (scratch)
3rd           Peebles                    259                               3rd       Kelso                      225
4th           Kelso                        264                               4th       Melrose                 231
5th           Duns                        267                                5th      Selkirk   1                233
6th           Melrose                  289                                6th      Peebles 1                234
7th           Selkirk 2                  304                                7th     Selkirk 2                   242
8th           Peebles 2                308                               8th      Roxburghe 2           244
9th           Hirsel 1                    311                               9th     Peebles 2                 247
10th         Hirsel 3                    316                               10th   Hirsel 3                     252
11th        Roxburghe 2            317                              11th   Hirsel 1                     253  
12          Hirsel 2                    N/R                              12th    Hirsel 2                     N/R

Again many thanks Denise Richards

Thursday 14 June 2018

Draw for Team Tournament at Kelso on 7th June

Ladies it has been tricky to try and give you all the times you requested as the majority wanted late to midmorning, I hope you are all happy with your time.
0900          June Anne Clarke          Gillian Lithgow   
0910          Kirsty Campbell             Nicola Nightingale
0950        Julie Birdsall                    Pam Cessford
1000        Carina Bunyan                Janet Shirra Gibb
1020       Vicki Shirra Gibb              Diane Johnston
1030       Rineke Sangster               Lucy Bell
1040       Jaqui Preston                   Doreen Pringle              Sheila Horsburgh
1050      Anne Wood                       Christine McLain          Anne Allan
1100      Sheila Cuthbertson          Riz McGuilie                  Martine Pow
1110      Alison Rutherford            Fiona Ker                        Sharon Paterson
1120      Janet Brown                     Pam Robson                   Ann Fleming
1130      Sue Nelson                       Jean Beattie
1140      Val McKean                      Lynne Flannigan            Marjorie Rae
1150      Jacqui Porter                     Moira Wilson                  June Craig
1200      Biddy Henderson           Judy Cairns                      Pat Greenshiels
1300     Alison Smith                   Patsy Laing                       Denise Richards
1310     Mandy Lunn                  June Allan                          Dorothy Small
1320     Kath Fletcher                 Karen McKinlay
Please remember we will be having our annual raffle so any gifts for the stall are more than welcome.
I will see you all on Sunday
Many Thanks Denise   

Wednesday 6 June 2018

Jamboree - 23-24th June

This year the South of Scotland Jamboree will be held at Wigtonshire County Golf Club, Glenluce on the 23/24th June 2018
Julie Birdsall                      Roxburghe
June Ann Clark                  Peebles
Fiona Ker                           Roxburghe
Tara MacTaggart               Minto
Orla Oleary                        Hirsel
Sharon Paterson                 Kelso
Denise Richards                 Peebles
Leanne Wilson                   Kelso

Many congratulations to everyone and good luck.
We will try and keep everyone in the picture during the weekend.
Denise Richards
Also a reminder we have the team tournament at Kelso on the 17th June please anyone wishing to enter please contact myself at and the Jenny Cleghorn on Sunday the 1st July at St Boswells.

Tuesday 29 May 2018

Team tournament at Kelso

Hi Everyone

Just a update to remind you that the team tournament will be held at Kelso golf club on Sunday 17th June.
The entry is on the webpage but Kelso have very kindly given us T times from 0900hrs -1500hrs so lots of choice.

Each team should consist of 3 / 4 players with the best 3 scores to count towards the scratch / handicap prizes. Team players can choose when you would like to play am or pm just send a email with your entry and T times you require.

We will be holding the annual raffle so it would be great if you could bring a small gift.

Many thanks please any questions please give me a shout.

Cheers Denise

Sunday 13 May 2018

Keeping you up to date

Ladies just a wee note to keep you up to date with our events

Unfortunatly we have had to cancel the scramble on the 20th May at Eyemouth due to lack of entries .

So our next competition will be the team tournament at Kelso on the 17th June you can enter as many teams as you wish, not too far away. Each team will be 3/4 players with the first 3 to count to the prizes scratch and net, please gather up your ladies and send me a email with your entry and your choice of T times .
Please check the web page for all details.

Another date for the diary, the Jenny Cleghorn competition will be held on the 1st July again at St Boswells lets hope for better weather this time details are on the web page or just give me a shout.

Many Thanks

Denise Richards

Thursday 10 May 2018

Bronze championship

Css for the bronze championship stableford on sunday has been confirmed at 75.

Sunday 6 May 2018

Tara Mactaggart 2018 champion

After a wonderful display of golf from both players, Tara beat Julie 4&3 to win her 4th championship.
Olivia O'Leary won the Bronze Championship with a great score on her first trip round The Roxburghe of 38 points. Our president Joyce Michie came second.
We appreciate all the support and encouragement from family friends and supporters.
Many thanks to all staff at The Roxburghe and we will hopefully see you all again next year

Tara vs Julie final

The sun is shining on the ladies this morning we are down to the tee shirts basking in the weather. The semi finals have been played the results are as follows
Tara Mactaggart beat Sharon Paterson 6&5
Julie Birdsall beat Leanne Wilson 4&3

The final between Tara and Julie will start at 1.30 - spectators are more than welcome it should be a great game

Saturday 5 May 2018

First day of championship at Roxburghe

Well done to all who played today, the windy conditions made it difficult.
Thank you to the spectators for supporting us.

Results day 1
Round 1
Martine Pow (bye)
Claire Howden lost to Tara Mactaggart (7&5)
Gillian Lithgow beat Carol Purves (3&1)
Sharon Paterson (bye)
Julie Birdsall (bye)
Denise Richards lost to Roz McGuille (2 up)
Sheila Cuthbertson beat Orla O'Leary (1up)
Leanne Wilson (bye)

Round 2
Martine Pow lost to Tara Mactaggart (2&1)
Gillian Lithgow lost to Sharon Paterson (5&4)
Julie Birdsall beat Roz McGuille (6&5)
Sheila Cuthbertson lost to Leanne Wilson (4&3)

Semi finals Sunday morning
8.50   Tara Mactaggart vs Sharon Paterson
9.00    Julie Birdsall vs Leanne Wilson

Final 1.30

Wednesday 25 April 2018

Championship - Roxburghe 5/6th May - Draw

Martine Pow   (1)            vs              Bye    (16)
Claire Howden    (9)        vs              Tara Mactaggart   (8)   9.00am
Gillian Lithgow  (5)         vs               Carol Purves   (12)      9.10am
Bye    (13)                        vs               Sharon Paterson  (4)
Julie Birdsall   (3)             vs              Bye     (14)
Denise Richarson   (11)    vs              Riz McGuilie   (6)        9.20am
Sheila Cuthbertson  (7)     vs             Orla O'Leary    (10)      9.30am
Bye                                    vs             Leanne Wilson   (2)
Saturday quarter finals tee times (2.00-2.30pm)
Sunday semi finals 8.50am & 9.00am
Final 13.30pm

Monday 23 April 2018

2018 Bronze Championship - Roxburghe

The Bronze Championships will be held on Sunday 6th May at the Roxburghe golf club.
The competition will be 1 round stableford, the following players have qualified
9.10 am Sheila Horsburgh,  Rineke Sangster
9.20am  Olivia O'Leary, Wilma Craigie,  Betty Scott
9.30am  Sue Nelson,  Dianne Johnston,  Joyce Michie
Any problems please contact me on

Sunday 22 April 2018

Spring competition results

 I would like to thank everyone who supported the event today, it was tough conditions out  there with the rain, sun and the beautiful rainbow, all conditions in a few hours.  I hope everyone has survived and were fed and watered well.
Many thanks to all the Duns ladies for your help and please pass on our thanks to the greenkeeper and Polly for the catering.


1st Scratch                        Martine Pow               Selkirk         75

1st Silver handicap         Riz McGulie                 Duns                    72
2nd Silver handicap        Gillian Lithgow           Torwoodlee       72
3rd Silver handicap         Leanne Wilson            Kelso                   77

1st Bronze handicap       Olivia Oleary                Hirsel                 82
2nd Bronze handicap      Rachel Wigmore         Hirsel                 83
The timings and draw for the championship weekend of 5/6 May will be on the web page soon.

Please note THE JENNY CLEGHORN COMPETITION WILL NOW BE HELD ON SUNDAY THE 1ST JULY AT ST BOSWELLS book your space just email your entry and your preferred time.  Click here for entryform

Many many thanks to everyone


Tuesday 17 April 2018

Spring Qualifier Draw - Duns 22nd April

Ladies we managed to get earlier times for the afternoon so please if you have a problem with your time please contact me ASAP.
They tell me the sun will be out on Duns golf course on Sunday .


1016    Alison Smith                               Sharon Paterson
1024    Pam Cessford                             Carina Bunyan
1032    Julie Birdsall                                Leanne Wilson
1050    Betty Scott                                  Doreen Pringle
1100   Joyce Michie                               Fiona Craigmile


1328    Sheila Cuthbertson                 Ann Woods
1336    Sue Nelson                               Wilma Craigie
1344    Shelia Horsburgh                    Diane Johnston
1352    Marvyn Brydon                       June Swan
1400    Janice Cambridge                   Rineke Sangster
1408    Martine Pow                           Claire Howden
1416    Carol Purves                            Riz McGulie
1424   Rachel Wigmore                     Vicki Shirra Gibb
1432   Diane Cassidy                          Elspeth Bell
1440   Alison Rutherford                   Jill Hodge
1448   Mandy Lunn                            Ingrid Swan
1456   Olivia Oleary                           Denise Richards            Orla Oleary

See  you all bright and breezy on Sunday

My mobile number is 07867958007

Cheers Denise Richards

Saturday 7 April 2018

Jenny Cleghorn -cancelled

Unfortunately St Boswells golf course is closed so we will have to cancel our competition.  Hopefully we can arrange another date.


Wednesday 4 April 2018

Jenny Cleghorn - St Boswells 08/04/18

0930       Sharon Paterson/Doreen Pringle                  Roz Roxburgh/Majorie Rae
0940      Joyce Michie/Trish Kirkpatrick                    Marion King/Irene Middlemiss
1010      Moira Wilson/Lynne Robertson                    Ingrid Swan/Riz McGulie
1030     Leanne Wilson /Pam Robson                         Marny Waddell/Sue Nelson
1050    Ann Wood /Jill Hodge                                     Betty Scott/Patricia Woods
1100    Gillian Herriot/Margaret Wilkinson                Marvyn Brydon/Wilma Craigie
1300    Diane Johnson/Jackie Preston                          Pearl Leithead/June McCready
1320   Carol Purves/Martine Pow                                Claire Howden/Venetia Scott
1340   Flora Ker/Linda Geatons                                   Orla OLeary/Janet Brown
1350   Diane Cassidy/Alison Rutherford                     Katie Brackenridge/ Denise Richards
1410   Sheila Horsburgh/Lorna Rutherford                 Ann Teague/Mags Morrison
Please any problems give me a call on 07867958007 , also any late entries are more than welcome.
Our next event will be held at Duns golf club on Sunday the 22nd April ,this is the Spring meeting which is open to all ladies in the Borders there will be a bronze / silver division competition  with the top players in both divisions go forward to the Border Championships finals to be held at the Roxburghe on the 5/6 May.
Entries can be found on the web page or send me a email with your details
See you all on Sunday

Tuesday 27 March 2018

Match vs East Lothian - Report

Our annual match was played at the Glen (North Berwick) on Sunday the weather was great the sun shone upon us with only a little breeze.
We played a four BBB format but unfortunately we lost 3/1 but all matches were played in great spirit.

Tara Mactaggart -Juneanne Clarke won 3/2 to Dulcie Barnes - Dianne Barnes
Leanne Wilson - Rhea Middlemas lost 3/2 to Dawn Young - Audrey Dunnett
Julie Birdsall - Ingrid Swan lost 3/2 to Barbara Biggart - Alyssa Balding
Marny Waddell - Denise Richards lost 1 down to Sue Penman Sharon Lynch.

Well done and thank you to everyone and hopefully see you at St Boswells on the 8th of April.

Monday 19 March 2018

Match vs East Lothian 25th March

The following ladies have been selected to represent the Borders in the match at the Glen on Sunday 25th March.

Leanne Wilson.          Kelso
Julie Birdsall.             Roxburghe
June Anne Clarke.      Peebles
Tara Mactaggart.        Minto
Rhea Middlemass.     Hawick
Marny Waddell.          Peebles
Ingrid Swan.               Duns
Denise Richards.        Peebles

Please all players meet at the Glen for 1100hrs for coffee.
Dress.... Black trousers red T shirt /polo neck red fleece / jumper .

Anyone who would like to play please contact me on

Many thanks Denise

Friday 9 March 2018

Cancellation Midlothian Match

Hi ladies

So sorry it has taken a long time to get a answer from Midlothian, but the decision has been made to cancelled the match on Sunday.
Probably very sensible I am sure all courses will take a wee while to dry out.

Ladies please can you encourage everyone for the JC at St Boswells on the 8th April.

Cheers Denise

Thursday 1 March 2018

Match vs Midlothian

The above match will be played at Broomieknowe on Sunday 11th March 2018.

The following ladies have been selected to represent the County.

Sheila Cuthbertson
Sharon Patterson
Leanne Wilson
Julie Birdsall
June Anne Clarke
Kirsty Inkpen

Lily Towers
Rhea Middlemass

All players please meet at Broomieknowe golf club at 1030 hrs for coffee the first match will be 1130hrs.
Dress code : red T shirt / polo neck / jumper/ fleece
                       Black trouser / waterproofs etc etc

Any problems please contact me ASP

Many thanks Denise

Alternate day for championship qualifier

Just to keep you up to date at our committee meeting last week it was brought to our attention this year the Scottish golf event" Helen Holm "competition has clashed with the Border ladies qualifying competition on the 22nd of April.
Last year we decided that due to the fact this event was a high level of Scottish golf we allowed Tara Mactaggart to play her qualifier a week early.
Again we have decided to allow this to happen as we think, we as a County should encourage our ladies to participate at the highest level. If any other player in the same situation with Scottish golf  events please contact myself as we have arranged a alternative date of the 15th April to play at Duns with a committee member.

Many thanks for your co-operation

Hope to see you all at the Jenny Cleghorn at St Boswells on the 8th April.
please check the webpage.....

Thanks Denise

Sunday 28 January 2018

Update from our Captain

I hope everyone has managed to survive the festive season and now back into some sort of routine.
At the AGM unfortunately there was nobody come forward to take over the post as Captain so I have agreed to stay on this year with the understanding someone will take over in 2019, maybe you could all think about it and please contact me if you think you would be interested and the requirements are only to be enthusiastic about your golf and to encourage others to take part with a good working committee it really is not tricky.
Anyway on to the season dates for the diary, unfortunately not all clubs have confirmed so will keep you all updated on the web page.
We have our annual friendly matches in March which are open to all players silver and bronze we try and match up the handicaps so please if you are interested in playing please email me ASAP so I can organise the day.  Both matches are played away the first against Midlothian at Broomieknowe on the 11th March, and the second against East Lothian to be held at the Glen (North Berwick)on the 25th March
Our first competition as always is the Jenny Cleghorn foursomes held at St Boswells on Sunday the 8th of April.
Spring competition.                           Duns.             22nd April
Border ladies Championships.          Roxburghe.    5/ 6 May
Texas Scramble.                                End of May TBC
Team Tournament.                            Kelso.              17th June
Commonwealth spoons.                    Peebles               22nd July
SJQ.                                                   TBC.                26th August.

Please if anyone has any questions please contact me, I hope to catch up with everyone soon and please encourage all your ladies to come and take part in the competitions as they are all members of the Border Ladies County.

Many thanks
Denise 😀😀😀🏌⛳️⛳️🏌🏌🏌⛳️⛳️⛳️