Wednesday 15 September 2021


 Well ladies here are the results from the above competition held at Torwoodlee today.

A small field today, it seems to be busy time for other comps and club outings, but we will be back in April '22.


1st Silver               Martine Pow and Carol Purves   68.8

2nd                        Leanne Wilson and Doreen Pringle 71


1st Bronze            Kath Fletcher and June Allan 71


Many thanks to everyone.

Denise Richards.

Wednesday 8 September 2021


 Hi everyone

This is the draw for Sunday at Torwoodlee our last event of the year.

As you can see I have a odd number it would be great if we could get one more couple to even things up and NOT have a 6 ball, morning or afternoon can be arranged.


Please just give me a shout if you would like to play.

We have more times available if required.


1040hrs                Sheila Horsburgh / Lorna Rutherford                       Anne Allan / Jean Beattie

1050hrs                Marilyn Taylor / Irene Hume                                       Judith Dixon / Jill Roberts

1100hrs                Mandy Douglas / Judy Cairns                                       Fiona Melrose / Caroline Fernie


1310hrs                June Allan / Kath Fletcher                                             Marjorie Rae / Alison Rutherford

1320hrs                Sue Welsh / Denise Richards                                       Martine Pow / Carol Purves


Riz McGulie / Ingrid Swan  


There will be teas and coffees available at Torwoodlee with filled rolls.


See you all Sunday