Thursday 2 November 2017

2017 Order of merit - results

Please find below the final results of the order of merit for the 2017 season for the Border Ladies
All players in both section are awarded points in each event from 1st place to 10th place.

Silver section
1st.                Sharon Paterson.                Kelso.                27 Pts
2nd =.          Leanne Wilson.                    Kelso.                25 Pts
                    Tara McTaggart.                  Minto.                25 Pts
4th.              Julie Birdsall.                      Roxburghe          23 Pts
5th.              Denise Richards.                Peebles.            20 Pts
6th.              Judith Anderson.                Hawick.              17 Pts
7th =            Shelia Cuthbertson.            Peebles.            14 Pts
                    Alison Smith.                      Hirsel.                14 Pts
9th =.            Fiona Ker                          Roxburghe          10 Pts
                     Martine Pow.                      Selkirk.                10 Pts
                     Karen Simpson.                Innerleithen.          10 Pts
Bronze section
1st.                  Viki Shirra Gibb.                Hirsel.                22 Pts
2nd.                Ingrid Swan.                        Duns.                  16 Pts
3rd.                Betty Scott.                        Peebles.              13 Pts
4th=                Diane Johnson.                  Duns.                    12 Pts
                       Lorraine Tait.                      Duns.                    12 Pts
6th.                 Rineke Sangster.                Hirsel.                  10 Pts
7th                  Doreen Pringle.                  Kelso.                    9 Pts
8th.                Joyce Michie.                      Minto.                    8 Pts
9th=.              Katie Brackenridge.            Peebles.                7 Pts
                       Laura Spalding.                  Hawick.                  7 Pts

Tuesday 12 September 2017

AGM - Monday 9th October at 19.00hrs

Ladies our County AGM will be held at St Boswells golf club on Monday 9th Oct at 1900hrs.
I would like to thank everyone for their support over the season and please come along to the AGM as we are all members and have to work together to build the Association for the future.
We can all have a point of view so come along to the meeting and make things work for all lady golfers in the Borders from the 36 handicapper to the scratch.

Many Thanks Denise

Monday 28 August 2017

Results Silver jubilee quaich

Many many thanks to all the ladies who took part in the competition held at Innerleithen on Sunday 27th Aug.
It was great to see new ladies participate and also many of the ladies had never played Innerleithen so I hope you will all return another day to take on the challenge.
Many many thanks to the lady members for making us all very welcome with soup, sandwiches and cakes.

The winners on the day were:

1st Silver.      Karen Simpson.      Innerleithen      40pts
2nd Silver.    Sharon Paterson.    Kelso.                35 Pts
3rd Silver.    Denise Richards.      Peebles.           33pts

1st Bronze.   Ingrid Swan.             Duns.                 27pts    ( count back 16 )
2nd Bronze. Lorraine Tait.            Duns.                 27 Pts.  ( count back. 14 )
3rd Bronze.  Joyce Michie.           Minto.                27 Pts.  ( count back 13 )

SSS 74

Well done everyone please keep an eye on the webpage for our AGM in Oct.


Thursday 24 August 2017

Silver Jubilee Quaich - Innerleithen 27th August

Hi Ladies
Well here we are at the final event of the season the Silver Jubilee Quaich on Sunday
Anyone who wish to enter please contact me on 07867958007 or

1300.    Janice Cambridge.          Alison Smith.              Leanne  Wilson
1310.    Rhea Middlemass.          Julie Birdsall.              Gloria Smith
1320.    Anne Wood.                    Sharon Paterson.        Mankato McGulie
1330.    Kathryn Sutherland.        Jill Hodge.                  Jackie Preston
1340.    Kim Robertson.                Katie Brackenridge.   Ingrid Swan
1350     Flora Kerr.                        Lorraine Tait.             Wilma CrIgie
1400.    Iris French.                        Diane Johnston.         Vicki Shirra Gibb
1410.    Kaye Sutherland.               Joyce Michie.             Denise Richards
The ladies at Innerleithen have arranged light refreshments for everyone so please support the club.
See you all on Sunday let's hope the weather improves.
Cheers Denise

Friday 28 July 2017

Silver Jubilee Quaich - 27th August

Please get your entries in for the Silver Jubilee Quaich which is being held at Innerleithen this year, tee times from 1pm.  This is a stableford competition
All entries to Denise Richards, mobile 07867 958007

Monday 24 July 2017

Commonwealth Spoons at Hawick

Hope you enjoyed the golf yesterday (open) it was a bit damp all day at Hawick I think the afternoon ones got the worst of it.

Many thanks to all the ladies who took part in the Commonwealth Spoons at Hawick on Sunday.
A very wet day but I hope you enjoyed the company and the course.

Well done and congratulations to Mary and Lily Towers from Minto on winning the competition with 68 and the runners up with 71.5 were Pearl Leithead and June McCreadie from Hawick.
Lily and Mary will represent the Borders in the finals later in the year.
M & L Towers 84-16=68
P Leithead & J McCreadie 101-29.5=71.5
F Ker & L Bell 93-20.5=72.5
S Cuthbertson & S Horsburgh 86-13.5=72.5
J Cambridge & K Sutherland 90-14=76
C Howden& V Scott 89-12=77
J Clarke & M Waddell 90-11.5=78.5
M Morrison & A Teague 93-14=79
J Anderson & R Middlemass 88-7.5=80.5
S Paterson & L Wilson 88-5.5=82.5
S Coltman & L Spalding 105-21.5=83.5
D Richards & J Birdsall 91-7.5=83.5
J Beattie & A Allan 108-17=91
V & J Shirra Gibb NR'd
D Keddie & I French NR'd

Our last event for 2017 will be the Silver Jubilee Quaich a stableford competition to be held at Innerleithen on the 27 Aug 2017 so get the date in your diary and bring a friend with you.

Many thanks Denise

Wednesday 19 July 2017

Commonwealth Spoons Draw Hawick 23 July 2017

Ladies please if you require any changes to the draw please email me or contact my home on 01721 721609 as my mobile is unavailable.

1038.  Julie Birdsall
/Denise Richards                Judith Anderson/Rhea Middemass
1104.  Fiona Ker/Lucy Bell.                               Susan Coltman./Laura Spalding
1120.  Pearl Leithead/June McCreadie.          Vicki Shirra Gibb/Janet Shirra Gibb
1144 June Anne Clarke/Marny Waddell.        Mags Morrison/Anne Teague
1152. Sheila Cuthbertson/Sheila Horsburgh

1437. Janice Cambridge/Kaye Sutherland.      Claire Howden/Venetia Scott
1445. Diane Keddie/Iris French                         Ali Melvin/Kirsty Inkpen
1459 Sharon Paterson/Leanne Wilson.            Mary Towers/Lily Towers

Many thanks ladies see you on Sunday.

Cheers Denise

Monday 26 June 2017

Day 3 Jamboree Galloway vs Borders

Day 3 results
Galloway  vs Borders  (Galloway players first)
Morning Foursomes
G Robson & G Dewar lost to T Mactaggart & L Wilson 7&6
L Scott & K Wright lost to S Cuthbertson & K Inkpen 4&2
M Cowan & C Smith lost to J Birdsall & F Ker 3&1

Afternoon singles
K Wright halved with T Mactaggart
G Robson beat L Wilson 1 hole
M Cowan beat A Melvin 1 hole
G Dewar lost to S Paterson 3&2
A Lofts lost to J Birdsall 6&5
L Scott lost to F Ker 2 holes

Galloway 2 1/2  Borders 6 1/2

Day 2 Jamboree Galloway vs Dumfries

Day 2 results
Galloway vs Dumfries (Galloway players first)

Morning foursomes
G Robson & G Dewar halved with D McDonald's & M Fraser
K Wright & L Scott beat E Greenlees & J Graham 3&2
M Cowan & C Smith lost to K Màlcolm & M McGregor

Afternoon singles
K Wright beat D Mcdonald 2&1
G Robson lost to J Graham 4&3
M Cowan beat M Fraser 1 hole
G Dewar lost to K Malcolm 2 holes
A Lotts lost to E Greenlees 8&6
L Scott beat F Allison  6&4

Match halved 4 1/2 each

Saturday 24 June 2017

Day 1 Jamboree Dumfries vs Borders

2017 Jamboree at Peebles

Day 1 results
Dumfries vs Borders (Dumfries players first)
Morning Foursomes
D Macdonald & M Fraser beat T Mactaggart & J Birdsall 3&2
E Greenlees & J Graham lost to S Paterson & L Wilson 1 hole
K Màlcolm & K  McCracken lost to Cuthbertson & F Ker 5&3

Afternoon singles
D McDonald's lost tor T Mactaggart 1 holes
J Graham beat J Birdsall 3&1
M Fraser beat F Ker 3&2
E Greenlees lost to L Wilson 6&4
K Malcolm beat A Melvin 3&2
F Allison beat S Paterson 2 holes

Dumfries beat Borders 5 - 4

Monday 19 June 2017

Team Tournament Results

Many many thanks to all the ladies who took part in the Team Tournament at Torwoodlee yesterday it was a great turn out with 15 teams and 9 clubs taking part which was fantastic. We  raised £93 from the raffle
Very close contest with lots of count backs...........    (CSS71)

1st - Roxburghe.          252
2nd  Kelso                    253
3rd   Selkirk 1              254
4th   Peebles 1              262
5th   Torwoodlee 1       266   
6th   Minto.                  268
7th   Hawick.                271
8th   Torwoodlee 2.      272
9th.  Hirsel 2                 278
10th  Duns                    279
11th  Peebles 3.            282
12th. Hirsel 1               289
13th. Melrose               292
14th. Selkirk 2.             299
15th. Peebles 2.            N/S
1st   Hawick                   220
2nd. Minto.                    224.  (BI 9 107)
        Hirsel 2.                 224.  (BI9 108)
        Kelso.                    224.  (BI9 111)
        Torwoodlee.          224.  (BI9 113)
6th. Duns.                      225
7th. Roxburghe.            226
8th.  Melrose.                227
9th.  Torwoodlee 1.       228
10th. Selkirk 1.              233
11th. Peebles 1              235
12th. Hirsel 1.                239
13th. Selkirk 2.              240
14th  Peebles 3.             241
15th. Peebles 2.             N/S
Also congratulations to the following ladies who won individual prizes also many thanks to Wilma Craigie and Alison Smith for sponsoring the longest drive and nearest the pin.
Longest drive   Silver  -      Gillian Lithgow.    Torwoodlee
                         Bronze -     Vicki Shirra Gibb. Hirsel
Nearest the pin Silver  -      Marny Waddell.  Peebles
                         Bronze -      Diane Johnson.        Duns
The next event will be the Commonwealth a Spoons hosted by Hawick golf club, the date has changed from the 30th July to the 23rd July please get your diaries adjusted.
Tee times to follow.
See you all at Hawick


Wednesday 14 June 2017

Team Tournament - 18th June Torwoodlee - Draw

AM Round
0840.        Lynne Flannigan (R).      Anne Allan. (S 2)
0850.        Gillian Lithgow (T).          Jean Beattie (S1).                  Diane Cassidy (S1)
0900.        Leanne Wilson (K).          Julie Birdsall (R).                    Denise Richards (P2)
0910.        Marjorie Rae (S2).           Carol Allott (M).                      Morven Howie (P3)
0920.        Mandy Lunn (HI 2).          Iris French (P3).                      Doreen Pringle (K)
0930.        Kirsty Baird (R).                Rachael Wigmore (HI 1).        Pat Greenshiels (ME)
0950.        Fiona Ker (R).                  Claire Howden (T1).                Martine Pow (S1)
PM Round
1230.        Marny Waddell (P1).              Tara MacTaggart (M).          Alison Smith (HI 2)
1240.        Sheila Cuthbertson (P1).      Sharon Paterson (K).            Kirsty Inkpen (D)
1250.        Diane Johnson (D).                Riz McGuile (D).                    Betty Scott (P3)
1300.        Sheila Horsburgh (P2).          Ingrid Swan (D).                    Jan Dunbar (T 2)
1310.        June Allan  (HI 1).                    Lilly Towers (M).                    Patsy Laing (K)
1320.        Mary Towers (M).                    Pam Cessford (HI 2).            Janet Shirra Gibb (ME)
1330.        Kath Fletcher (HI 1).                Val McKean (P 2).                Venetia Scott (T1)
1340.        Rineke Sangster (HI 2).          Janet Brown (ME).                Anne Teague (H)
1350.        Anne Dods (T 2).                    France's Falconer (ME).      Mags Morrison (H)
1400.        Vicki Shirra Gibb (HI 2).        June Craig (S2).                    Mary Lillico (T 2)
1410.        Marvyn Brydon (T1).              Susan Coltman (H)
1420.        Mary Christie (T2).                Laura Spalding (H)
M - Minto.      P - Peebles.  ME - Melrose.  S - Selkirk.  HI - Hirsel  K - Kelso.    T - Torwoodlee
H- Hawick    D - Duns        R - Roxburghe
Ladies I would just like to remind you we will be having a raffle on the day so any donations will be more than welcome.
Let's keep our fingers crossed for good weather.
Any problems please contact me

Many thanks see you at Torwoodlee

Monday 12 June 2017

Commonwealth Spoons - change of date

The Commonwealth Spoons is now taking place at Hawick on Sunday 23rd July Tee times from 1.00 to 2.30pm
All entries to Denise Richards as usual.

Monday 29 May 2017

Team Tournament, Torwoodlee GC, Sunday 18th June

A reminder of our next competition, the Team Tournament, which will be held at Torwoodlee Golf Club on Sunday 18th June  Tee times available  08.30 to 09.50 and 12.30 to 15.00
The best 3 of 4 scores will count towards either the scratch/handicap trophies.  Entry fee is £20 per team.
Rally the troops and have a day out at Torwoodlee
Entries to Denise Richards (with names & handicaps) on 07867 958007 or

Saturday 13 May 2017

Charity Texas Scramble at Monksford - Cancelled

Unfortunately the decision has been taken to cancel the charity texas scramble  due to be held at Monksford on Saturday 20th May due to lack of entries.

Thursday 11 May 2017

County Team Selected for 2017 Jamboree.

The following ladies have been selected to represent the County in this year's event to be held at Peebles from the 25th June -27 June 2017.

Julie Birdsall.              Roxbughe
Sheila Cuthbertson.     Peebles
Kirsty Inkpen.             Duns
Fiona Ker                    Roxburghe
Tara MacTaggart        Minto
Alison Melvin              Hirsel
Sharon Paterson.         Kelso
Leanne Wilson            Kelso

Congratulations to all players on selection.
Further details of the event will follow, it will be fantastic if we could have support from the other members of the county to drive us on, a wee day out to Peebles for lunch on hopefully a sunny day.

Sunday 7 May 2017

Final day of theborder ladies championship

What a great weekend we all had at the Roxburghe golf club,the weather was not too bad and  the umbrellas were only up for a short period of time.

The Bronze championships was run as a stableford event and all 8 ladies enjoyed the challenge of the course, the runner up with 29 points was Marion Blades from Peebles and the 2017 "B" Champion was Doreen Pringle from Kelso with 30pts.    Congratulations  (css76/par72)

The first semi final was between Tara MacTaggart(Minto) and Julie Birdsall (Roxburghe) after a lot of great golf Tara won on the 17th.  The second semi between Judith Anderson(Hawick) and Leanne Wilson (Kelso) was again a very tight match going to the 18th with Judith the victor.
The championship final was played with great skill and determination with Tara MacTaggart winning on the 18th hole (1up) from Judith Anderson, some fantastic golf for all the spectators to enjoy.

Many many thanks to all supporters caddies and players without you all we would not have a championship.

Denise Richards
Border Captain
Finalists Tara and Judith

Champion Tara with bronze champion Doreen

Julie, Tara, Judith and Leanne 
Some of the supporters braving the elements today

Saturday 6 May 2017

Day One - Border''s Championship

Results from day one at The Roxburghe

Round One
Tara MacTaggart beat Kirsty Inkpen
Fiona Ker beat June-Anne Clark
Sheila Cuthbertson beat Venetia Scott
Julie Birdsall beat Ros Roxburgh
Alison Smith beat Jill Hodge
Judith Anderson beat Carol  Purves
Sharon Paterson beat Denise  Richards
Leanne Wilson beat Orla o'Leary

Round Two
Tara MacTaggart beat Fiona Ker
Julie Birdsall beat Sheila Cuthbertson
Judith Anderson beat Alison Smith
Leanne Wilson beat Sharon Paterson

Semi finals
9.00am  Tara MacTaggart plays Julie Birdsall
9.10am  Judith Anderson plays Leanne Wilson

Final at 1.00pm
Spectators welcome

Monday 24 April 2017

Championship draw The Roxburghe 6/7th May

Congratulations to all players who participated in the Spring competition at Peebles yesterday.
The draw for the Border Ladies County Championships to be held at the Roxburghe golf club on Sat 6th May and Sunday the 7th May.

Silver Divison

9.00 Tara MacTaggart. (1)      Vs.   Kirsty Inkpen.  (16)
9.08  June Anne Clark. (9)      Vs    Fiona Ker.          (8).     
9.16  Sheila Cuthbertson. (5). Vs.  Venetia Scott   (12)
9.24  Ros Roxburgh   (13)       Vs   Julie Birdsall        (4)
9.30   Alison Smith        (3)     Vs.  Jill Hodge          (14)
9.38   Carol Purves     (11)       Vs   Judith Anderson (6)
9.46  Sharon Paterson (7)        Vs.  Denise Richards (10)
9.52  Orla O'Leary        (15)      Vs   Leanne Wilson    (2)

Quarter finals on Saturday afternoon from 1.30pm
Semi final on Sunday from 9am
Final 1pm

Bronze Division
This event will only be held on the Sunday morning 7th May as a stableford event.
0920  Iris French Vicki Shirra -Gibb  Sheila Horsburgh  Doreen Pringle
0930  Diane Johnston Elaine Brotherstone  Betty Scott  Marion Blades

Please please contact me if you have any problems

Many thanks

See you all at the Roxburghe.


Sunday 23 April 2017

Results - Spring meeting at Peebles

CCS 72  (Competition will be closed Monday)

Leanne Wilson 75

67  Alison Smith (11)
72  Jill Hodge (17)
74  June-Anne Clark (12)

71  Elaine Brotherstone (28)
73  Iris Fletcher (22)

30 ladies played in silver and 17 in bronze, many thanks to all who have supported us today.  Our appreciation also goes to all at Peebles golf club who helped make our day a great success

Championship draw to follow..........

Wednesday 19 April 2017

Spring Competition Draw - Peebles 23rd April

Let's hope the weather stays dry and we all have a good day.
AM -Round
0933.        June-Anne Clark                         Jean Beattie
0942.        Marion Blades.                            Iris French
0951.        Gillian Lithgow.                          Leanne Wilson
1000.        Alison Smith.                               Sharon Paterson
1009.        Betty Scott.                                  Flora Kerr
1018.        Kathy Chapman.                          Diane Keddie
1027.        Lynne Flannigan.                         Maria Smail
1036.        Rachael Wigmore.                       Vicki Shirra -Gibb
1045.        Diane Cassidy.                             Julie Birdsall
1054.        Alison Rutherford.                       Gwen Dun
1103.        Elaine Brotherstone.                    Doreen Pringle

PM -Round
1403.      Jill Hodge.                   Morag Miller
1412.      Diane Johnson.           Anne Woods
1421.     Jackie Preston.             Sheila Horsburgh.      Lorraine Tait
1430.     Sheila Cuthbertson.     Orla O'Leary.             Janet Brown
1448.     Judith Anderson.         Venetia Scott.             Denise Richards
1457.     Claire Howden.           Carol Purves               Fiona Ker
1506.     Ingrid Swan.                Susan Coltman.          Wendy Underhill
Any problems please contact me on 07867958007 or email
Looking forward to catching up with everyone.

Sunday 9 April 2017

Jenny Cleghorn Results

The above competition was held at St Boswells on Sunday 9th April.

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who took part in the competition,it was fantastic to see some new members in the field.  We had 20 pairs in the silver division and 9 pairs in the bronze.

A special thank you to Hazel and her fellow members for the tea scones and tray bakes they were fantastic.

Silver Division
1st.      Anne Woods and Jill Hodge                          Duns.                    70.0
2nd.     Fiona Ker and Julie Birdsall.                           Roxburghe           70.8
3rd.      Marvyn Brydon and Dorothy Small.              Torwoodlee.         71.5

Bronze Divison
1st.      June McCreadie and Pearl Leithead              Hawick.                 68.8
2nd.     Wilma Craigie and Isobel Cockburn.            Torwoodlee.         69.4

Thank you all ladies who donated towards the £48.00 raised for cancer research

Remember the next date for your diary Sunday 23 April at Peebles the spring competition all handicaps welcome just contact me on

Will be good to catch up again please encourage more ladies to come along as they are now all members of the County.

Many thanks again 

Denise Richards

Wednesday 5 April 2017

Jenny Cleghorn - Sunday 9th April

Many thanks to all the ladies who have contacted me for a time for the Jenny Cleghorn competition 2017.
Hopefully the weather will hold out for us, it will be good to catch up with everyone on Sunday.
1000.    Fiona Ker.        Julie Birdsall                    Judith Anderson.        Laura Spalding
1010.    Moira Wilson  Lynne Robertson.              Diane Cassidy.        Alison Rutherford
1020.    Wilma Craigie.  Isobel Cockburn.            Marjorie Rae            Ann Allan
1030.    Marny Waddell.  Orla O'Leary                 Sharon Paterson.    Lynne Flannigan
1040.    Rineke Sangster  June Allan.                    Vicki Shirra Gibb.    Janet Shirra Gibb

1300.    Val McKean  Sheila Cuthbertson.             Leanne Wilson.    Pam Robson
1310.    Sheila Horsburgh.  Lorna Rutherford.       Rachael Wigmore.  Karen McKinlay
1320     Katie Brackenridge  Diane Keddie.           June McCreadie.  Pearl Leithead
1330.    Alison Smith.  Elspeth Bell.                      Ingrid Swan.          Riz McGulie
1340.    Diane Johnson.    Jackie Preston.              Venetia Scott.  Claire Howden
1350.    Anne Wood.    Jill Hodge.                         Flora Ker.    Lynne Bruce
1400.    June Criag.  Ros Roxburgh.                      Gillian Lithgow.    Lori Douglas
1410.    Lorraine Tait Morag Miller                        Ann Brown.        Denise Richards

Any problems please contact me on 07867958007
Many thanks Denise

Monday 27 March 2017

Match vs East Lothian

We had fantastic weather at Torwoodlee for our friendly against East Lothian yesterday. All games were played in great spirit with the Borders taking the spoils 2-1
Many thanks go to Torwoodlee for allowing courtesy of the course.

NB   Remember to enter the Jenny Cleghorn on 9th April and the spring meeting at Peebles on the 23rd April.
See you all soon

Monday 20 March 2017

Border ladies matches

Border ladies match vs Midlothian 19th March

Congratulations to all the ladies who played in the above match at Peebles,it was a little soft underfoot but we all survived.

Border Ladies 2 1/2 points.            Midlothian Ladies. 1 1/2

The following ladies will represent the county in our second match of the season vs East Lothian to be played at Torwoodlee on Sunday 26th March.
Players are to meet at 1200hrs.
Dress : black trousers,red Tshirt , red Jumper / fleece

Fiona Ker
Julie Birdsall
Marny Waddell
Gillian Lithgow
June Anne Clark
Alison Smith 
Denise Richards 

Any problems please Denise Richards 007867958007 or

Saturday 4 March 2017

Border Ladies Match Vs Midlothian

The following ladies have been selected to play in the above match to be played at Peebles on Sunday 19th March.

Sharon Paterson
Leanne Wilson
Marny Waddell 
Gillian Lithgow
Alison Smith
Orla O'Leary 
Sheila Cuthbertson 
Denise Richards 

Dress: Black trousers,Red T-shirt,Red jumper or waterproofs,hat and umbrella !!!

Any problems please contact me on 07867958007

Players are to meet at the club at 1000hrs for coffee and bacon roll.

Sunday 15 January 2017

Dates for your diaries

Border Ladies Golf Competitions 2017

Happy New Year to everyone hope you had a super time,the golf season will soon be upon us so we need to get these dates in our diaries.

Friendly Matches

Our first friendly match will be on the 19th March Vs Midlothian at Peebles,
the second match will be on the 26th March Vs East Lothian this match will be held at Torwoodlee,please anyone wishing to represent the County please contact me ASP all handicaps will be more than welcome.

9th April.          Jenny Cleghorn Foursomes.                                                St Boswells
23rd April.        Spring Comp / Border Championships Qualifier.               Peebles
6/7 May.          Border Championships.  (Silver/Bronze).                             Roxburghe
20 May            Open Charity Texas Scramble ( ladies / men / juniors ).      Monksford
18 June.           Team Tournament                                                               Torwoodlee
24-26th June   South Jamboree                                                                   Peebles
30 July.            Commonwealth Spoons.                                                      Hawick
27Aug.             Silver Quaich.                                                                       TBC