Monday 24 April 2017

Championship draw The Roxburghe 6/7th May

Congratulations to all players who participated in the Spring competition at Peebles yesterday.
The draw for the Border Ladies County Championships to be held at the Roxburghe golf club on Sat 6th May and Sunday the 7th May.

Silver Divison

9.00 Tara MacTaggart. (1)      Vs.   Kirsty Inkpen.  (16)
9.08  June Anne Clark. (9)      Vs    Fiona Ker.          (8).     
9.16  Sheila Cuthbertson. (5). Vs.  Venetia Scott   (12)
9.24  Ros Roxburgh   (13)       Vs   Julie Birdsall        (4)
9.30   Alison Smith        (3)     Vs.  Jill Hodge          (14)
9.38   Carol Purves     (11)       Vs   Judith Anderson (6)
9.46  Sharon Paterson (7)        Vs.  Denise Richards (10)
9.52  Orla O'Leary        (15)      Vs   Leanne Wilson    (2)

Quarter finals on Saturday afternoon from 1.30pm
Semi final on Sunday from 9am
Final 1pm

Bronze Division
This event will only be held on the Sunday morning 7th May as a stableford event.
0920  Iris French Vicki Shirra -Gibb  Sheila Horsburgh  Doreen Pringle
0930  Diane Johnston Elaine Brotherstone  Betty Scott  Marion Blades

Please please contact me if you have any problems

Many thanks

See you all at the Roxburghe.


Sunday 23 April 2017

Results - Spring meeting at Peebles

CCS 72  (Competition will be closed Monday)

Leanne Wilson 75

67  Alison Smith (11)
72  Jill Hodge (17)
74  June-Anne Clark (12)

71  Elaine Brotherstone (28)
73  Iris Fletcher (22)

30 ladies played in silver and 17 in bronze, many thanks to all who have supported us today.  Our appreciation also goes to all at Peebles golf club who helped make our day a great success

Championship draw to follow..........

Wednesday 19 April 2017

Spring Competition Draw - Peebles 23rd April

Let's hope the weather stays dry and we all have a good day.
AM -Round
0933.        June-Anne Clark                         Jean Beattie
0942.        Marion Blades.                            Iris French
0951.        Gillian Lithgow.                          Leanne Wilson
1000.        Alison Smith.                               Sharon Paterson
1009.        Betty Scott.                                  Flora Kerr
1018.        Kathy Chapman.                          Diane Keddie
1027.        Lynne Flannigan.                         Maria Smail
1036.        Rachael Wigmore.                       Vicki Shirra -Gibb
1045.        Diane Cassidy.                             Julie Birdsall
1054.        Alison Rutherford.                       Gwen Dun
1103.        Elaine Brotherstone.                    Doreen Pringle

PM -Round
1403.      Jill Hodge.                   Morag Miller
1412.      Diane Johnson.           Anne Woods
1421.     Jackie Preston.             Sheila Horsburgh.      Lorraine Tait
1430.     Sheila Cuthbertson.     Orla O'Leary.             Janet Brown
1448.     Judith Anderson.         Venetia Scott.             Denise Richards
1457.     Claire Howden.           Carol Purves               Fiona Ker
1506.     Ingrid Swan.                Susan Coltman.          Wendy Underhill
Any problems please contact me on 07867958007 or email
Looking forward to catching up with everyone.

Sunday 9 April 2017

Jenny Cleghorn Results

The above competition was held at St Boswells on Sunday 9th April.

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who took part in the competition,it was fantastic to see some new members in the field.  We had 20 pairs in the silver division and 9 pairs in the bronze.

A special thank you to Hazel and her fellow members for the tea scones and tray bakes they were fantastic.

Silver Division
1st.      Anne Woods and Jill Hodge                          Duns.                    70.0
2nd.     Fiona Ker and Julie Birdsall.                           Roxburghe           70.8
3rd.      Marvyn Brydon and Dorothy Small.              Torwoodlee.         71.5

Bronze Divison
1st.      June McCreadie and Pearl Leithead              Hawick.                 68.8
2nd.     Wilma Craigie and Isobel Cockburn.            Torwoodlee.         69.4

Thank you all ladies who donated towards the £48.00 raised for cancer research

Remember the next date for your diary Sunday 23 April at Peebles the spring competition all handicaps welcome just contact me on

Will be good to catch up again please encourage more ladies to come along as they are now all members of the County.

Many thanks again 

Denise Richards

Wednesday 5 April 2017

Jenny Cleghorn - Sunday 9th April

Many thanks to all the ladies who have contacted me for a time for the Jenny Cleghorn competition 2017.
Hopefully the weather will hold out for us, it will be good to catch up with everyone on Sunday.
1000.    Fiona Ker.        Julie Birdsall                    Judith Anderson.        Laura Spalding
1010.    Moira Wilson  Lynne Robertson.              Diane Cassidy.        Alison Rutherford
1020.    Wilma Craigie.  Isobel Cockburn.            Marjorie Rae            Ann Allan
1030.    Marny Waddell.  Orla O'Leary                 Sharon Paterson.    Lynne Flannigan
1040.    Rineke Sangster  June Allan.                    Vicki Shirra Gibb.    Janet Shirra Gibb

1300.    Val McKean  Sheila Cuthbertson.             Leanne Wilson.    Pam Robson
1310.    Sheila Horsburgh.  Lorna Rutherford.       Rachael Wigmore.  Karen McKinlay
1320     Katie Brackenridge  Diane Keddie.           June McCreadie.  Pearl Leithead
1330.    Alison Smith.  Elspeth Bell.                      Ingrid Swan.          Riz McGulie
1340.    Diane Johnson.    Jackie Preston.              Venetia Scott.  Claire Howden
1350.    Anne Wood.    Jill Hodge.                         Flora Ker.    Lynne Bruce
1400.    June Criag.  Ros Roxburgh.                      Gillian Lithgow.    Lori Douglas
1410.    Lorraine Tait Morag Miller                        Ann Brown.        Denise Richards

Any problems please contact me on 07867958007
Many thanks Denise