Monday 26 June 2017

Day 3 Jamboree Galloway vs Borders

Day 3 results
Galloway  vs Borders  (Galloway players first)
Morning Foursomes
G Robson & G Dewar lost to T Mactaggart & L Wilson 7&6
L Scott & K Wright lost to S Cuthbertson & K Inkpen 4&2
M Cowan & C Smith lost to J Birdsall & F Ker 3&1

Afternoon singles
K Wright halved with T Mactaggart
G Robson beat L Wilson 1 hole
M Cowan beat A Melvin 1 hole
G Dewar lost to S Paterson 3&2
A Lofts lost to J Birdsall 6&5
L Scott lost to F Ker 2 holes

Galloway 2 1/2  Borders 6 1/2

Day 2 Jamboree Galloway vs Dumfries

Day 2 results
Galloway vs Dumfries (Galloway players first)

Morning foursomes
G Robson & G Dewar halved with D McDonald's & M Fraser
K Wright & L Scott beat E Greenlees & J Graham 3&2
M Cowan & C Smith lost to K Màlcolm & M McGregor

Afternoon singles
K Wright beat D Mcdonald 2&1
G Robson lost to J Graham 4&3
M Cowan beat M Fraser 1 hole
G Dewar lost to K Malcolm 2 holes
A Lotts lost to E Greenlees 8&6
L Scott beat F Allison  6&4

Match halved 4 1/2 each

Saturday 24 June 2017

Day 1 Jamboree Dumfries vs Borders

2017 Jamboree at Peebles

Day 1 results
Dumfries vs Borders (Dumfries players first)
Morning Foursomes
D Macdonald & M Fraser beat T Mactaggart & J Birdsall 3&2
E Greenlees & J Graham lost to S Paterson & L Wilson 1 hole
K Màlcolm & K  McCracken lost to Cuthbertson & F Ker 5&3

Afternoon singles
D McDonald's lost tor T Mactaggart 1 holes
J Graham beat J Birdsall 3&1
M Fraser beat F Ker 3&2
E Greenlees lost to L Wilson 6&4
K Malcolm beat A Melvin 3&2
F Allison beat S Paterson 2 holes

Dumfries beat Borders 5 - 4

Monday 19 June 2017

Team Tournament Results

Many many thanks to all the ladies who took part in the Team Tournament at Torwoodlee yesterday it was a great turn out with 15 teams and 9 clubs taking part which was fantastic. We  raised £93 from the raffle
Very close contest with lots of count backs...........    (CSS71)

1st - Roxburghe.          252
2nd  Kelso                    253
3rd   Selkirk 1              254
4th   Peebles 1              262
5th   Torwoodlee 1       266   
6th   Minto.                  268
7th   Hawick.                271
8th   Torwoodlee 2.      272
9th.  Hirsel 2                 278
10th  Duns                    279
11th  Peebles 3.            282
12th. Hirsel 1               289
13th. Melrose               292
14th. Selkirk 2.             299
15th. Peebles 2.            N/S
1st   Hawick                   220
2nd. Minto.                    224.  (BI 9 107)
        Hirsel 2.                 224.  (BI9 108)
        Kelso.                    224.  (BI9 111)
        Torwoodlee.          224.  (BI9 113)
6th. Duns.                      225
7th. Roxburghe.            226
8th.  Melrose.                227
9th.  Torwoodlee 1.       228
10th. Selkirk 1.              233
11th. Peebles 1              235
12th. Hirsel 1.                239
13th. Selkirk 2.              240
14th  Peebles 3.             241
15th. Peebles 2.             N/S
Also congratulations to the following ladies who won individual prizes also many thanks to Wilma Craigie and Alison Smith for sponsoring the longest drive and nearest the pin.
Longest drive   Silver  -      Gillian Lithgow.    Torwoodlee
                         Bronze -     Vicki Shirra Gibb. Hirsel
Nearest the pin Silver  -      Marny Waddell.  Peebles
                         Bronze -      Diane Johnson.        Duns
The next event will be the Commonwealth a Spoons hosted by Hawick golf club, the date has changed from the 30th July to the 23rd July please get your diaries adjusted.
Tee times to follow.
See you all at Hawick


Wednesday 14 June 2017

Team Tournament - 18th June Torwoodlee - Draw

AM Round
0840.        Lynne Flannigan (R).      Anne Allan. (S 2)
0850.        Gillian Lithgow (T).          Jean Beattie (S1).                  Diane Cassidy (S1)
0900.        Leanne Wilson (K).          Julie Birdsall (R).                    Denise Richards (P2)
0910.        Marjorie Rae (S2).           Carol Allott (M).                      Morven Howie (P3)
0920.        Mandy Lunn (HI 2).          Iris French (P3).                      Doreen Pringle (K)
0930.        Kirsty Baird (R).                Rachael Wigmore (HI 1).        Pat Greenshiels (ME)
0950.        Fiona Ker (R).                  Claire Howden (T1).                Martine Pow (S1)
PM Round
1230.        Marny Waddell (P1).              Tara MacTaggart (M).          Alison Smith (HI 2)
1240.        Sheila Cuthbertson (P1).      Sharon Paterson (K).            Kirsty Inkpen (D)
1250.        Diane Johnson (D).                Riz McGuile (D).                    Betty Scott (P3)
1300.        Sheila Horsburgh (P2).          Ingrid Swan (D).                    Jan Dunbar (T 2)
1310.        June Allan  (HI 1).                    Lilly Towers (M).                    Patsy Laing (K)
1320.        Mary Towers (M).                    Pam Cessford (HI 2).            Janet Shirra Gibb (ME)
1330.        Kath Fletcher (HI 1).                Val McKean (P 2).                Venetia Scott (T1)
1340.        Rineke Sangster (HI 2).          Janet Brown (ME).                Anne Teague (H)
1350.        Anne Dods (T 2).                    France's Falconer (ME).      Mags Morrison (H)
1400.        Vicki Shirra Gibb (HI 2).        June Craig (S2).                    Mary Lillico (T 2)
1410.        Marvyn Brydon (T1).              Susan Coltman (H)
1420.        Mary Christie (T2).                Laura Spalding (H)
M - Minto.      P - Peebles.  ME - Melrose.  S - Selkirk.  HI - Hirsel  K - Kelso.    T - Torwoodlee
H- Hawick    D - Duns        R - Roxburghe
Ladies I would just like to remind you we will be having a raffle on the day so any donations will be more than welcome.
Let's keep our fingers crossed for good weather.
Any problems please contact me

Many thanks see you at Torwoodlee

Monday 12 June 2017

Commonwealth Spoons - change of date

The Commonwealth Spoons is now taking place at Hawick on Sunday 23rd July Tee times from 1.00 to 2.30pm
All entries to Denise Richards as usual.