Friday 25 June 2021

Commonwealth Spoons - Melrose 18th July

 The next event will be held on Sunday 18th July at Melrose Golf Club

The competition is open to all Border lady golfers, you can select a partner they do not need to be the same club.

There will be am and pm times available (please nominate)

Names / CDH numbers /partners /club.

Please contact me with your details look forward to hearing from you all.

Tuesday 15 June 2021

Team Tournament - results

 Our first competition since 2019 and what a fantastic turn out from all 17 clubs ,many thanks to all the team organisers without you giving your time we would not have these competitions.

A good day was had by all ,a little windy but the rain stayed away thankfully.

Many thanks to Jedburgh golf club, Chris in the office Naomi and her team for the snacks etc and the ladies of Jedburgh for looking after us.


The Scratch Winners                                                      The Handicap Winners

Selkirk 1               263                                                         Jedburgh 1          224

Duns  2                 280                                                         Hawick 1              237

Hirsel 1                 283                                                         Duns 2                  240

Hawick 1              290                                                         Hirsel 3                 241

Duns 1                  296                                                         Minto 1                241

Jedburgh 1          301                                                         Hirsel 1                 242

Minto 1                303                                                         Selkirk 1               244

Hawick 2              312                                                         Hawick 2              246

Hirsel 2                 314                                                         Duns 1                  246

Hirsel 3                 315                                                         Hirsel 2                 248

Torwoodlee           320                                                         Jedburgh 2          249

Selkirk 2               320                                                         Melrose               250

Melrose               322                                                         Minto 2                253

Peebles 1             328                                                         Torwoodlee       257

Minto 2                331                                                         Selkirk 2               267

Jedburgh 2          344                                                         Peebles 1             274

Peebles 2             365                                                         Peebles 2             282


Longest drive – Silver      Martine Pow Selkirk       Nearest Pin -Silver           Mandy Lunn- Hirsel

Longest Drive Bronze -   Judith Smith Hawick        Nearest pin – Bronze      Joyce Michie- Minto

2s there was 3 lucky ladies winning £38 each Maria Smail Jedburgh Mary Towers Minto and Alison Rutherford Selkirk.


Our next competition will be the Commonwealth Spoons a foursomes event to be held on Sunday 18thJuly at Melrose golf Club.

Anyone wishing to enter please send me a email with your names /Club to me.....

Look forward to hearing from you all .

Monday 7 June 2021

Team Tournament - Jedburgh 13th June

 Welcome ladies to our first tournament of 2021,I hope the weather stays fine and dry for us.

We have a large field on Sunday so if possible and you are happy to do so share cars as the parking spaces are minimal there will be a parking attendant there to assist.

  • Your temperature will be taken on arrival
  • There is a one way system in and out of the clubhouse
  • Caterers can provide light snacks, rolls, scones teas and coffees.
  • Please report to the desk for competition rules etc.

Any problems please contact myself on or 07867958007.







Pauline Hogg (J1)

Wilma Craigie (T)



Joyce Meechie (M1)

June Allan (H2)



Christine Dorwood (T)

Heather Hayes (J2)

Kathy Chapman (J2)


Pat Turnbull (HA2)

Margaret Bland (M2)

Jean Beattie (S2)


Gillian Lithgow (T)

Anne Patterson (M2)

Eileen Raeburn ((J2)


Linda Geetons (M2)

Elsbeth Bell (H3)

Dawn Kilpatrick (J1)


Pat Sinclair Hood (T)

Flora Kerr (M2)

Maureen Forsyth (J1)


Janet Shirra -Gibb (ME)

Vicki Shirra – Gibb (H2)

Janice Cambridge (M1)


Janet Brown (ME)

Rineke Sangster (H3)

Sue Welsh (P2)






















Mags Morrison (HA1)

Ali Melvin (H1)

Martine Pow (S1)


Fay Robson ( HA1)

Caroline Fernie (H3)

Carol Purves (S2)


Fiona Turnbull (HA1)

Pat Greenshiels (ME)

Rachel Wigmore (H1)


Susan Coltman (HA1)

Brenda Robertson (ME)

Mary McIntyre (P2)


Niamh Sharp (HA2)

Mandy Lunn (H1)

Maria Smail (J2)


Elaine Millar (HA2)

Karen McGinley (H3)

Yvonne Sharatt (J2)


Laura Spalding (HA2)

Kirsty Inkpen (H1)

Diane Cassidy (S1)


Alison Rutherford ( S1)

Pat McGee (S2)

Diane Johnston (D2)


Margaret Walker (D2)

Katie Brackenridge (P1)

Riz McGulie (D2)


Mary Towers (M1)

Ingrid Swan (D2)

Betty Scott (P2)






Lily Towers (M1)

Anne Wood (D1)

Denise Richards (P1)


Jill Hodge (D1)

Val McKean (P2)

Alison Fleming (H2)


Jackie Preston (D1)

Marion Romanes (D2)

Glynis Read (P1)

Many thanks Denise Richards.



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