Wednesday 25 August 2021


Ladies we have a big field on Sunday which is fantastic lets hope the weather stays dry for us.

Please if the team organiser can have their players exact handicaps the table will organise your team handicap for the day

(25% lowest 20%, 15% and 10% of the highest)


Entry fee £20 per team


0910 hrs               Jean Beattie

0920hrs                Joyce Michie


0940hrs                Maria Smail

0950hrs                Nicola Halfpenny

1000hrs                Carol Mott


1300hrs                Caroline Ferrnie

1308hrs                Kirsty Inkpen

1316hrs                Mandy Lunn

1324hrs                Duns 1

1332hrs                Fiona Ker

1340hrs                Denise Richards

1348hrs                Duns 2

1356hrs                Duns 3

1404hrs                Elspeth Bell


Please contact me with any changes

See you all on Sunday

Denise Richards

Sunday 22 August 2021

Border Ladies Championship at Minto


 Ali Melvin  -BLCGA Champion 2021.

Round 1
A Melvin beat Rachel Wigmore
Pam Cessford beat Isla Craigie
Sharon Paterson beat Mary Towers
Margaret Walker (bye)
Nicola Halfpenny (bye)
Kirsty Inkpen beat Vicki Shirra-Gibb
Lily Towers beat Denise Richards
Leanne Wilson beat Jean Beattie

Round 2
Ali Melvin beat Pam Cessford
Sharon Paterson beat Margaret Walker
Nicola Halfpenny beat Kirsty Inkpen
Leanne Wilson beat Lily Towers

Semi Final
Ali Melvin beat Sharon Paterson
Leanne Wilson beat Nicola Halfpenny

Ali Melvin beat Leanne Wilson

B Championship
Winner - Elspeth Bell 

Monday 2 August 2021

Upcoming competitions

29th Aug 
Lawrie Quaich is a texas scramble (team of 4) to be held at the Hirsel
Find 3 friends and have a day out, all handicaps welcome. 
Entries to 

12 Sept 
Jenny Cleghorn Greensomes will be held on Sunday 12 Sept at Torwoodlee 
Entries to 

Lets get these into your diaries and finish the season with a flurry 

Thanks for all your support 
Denise Richards

Border Ladies Championship Draw - Minto 21st/22nd August (amended)

 Border Ladies Championships 2021 Draw

Saturday 21st Aug


Alison Melvin (1)              0900       Rachel Wigmore (16)

Isla Craigie (8)                  0910      Pam Cessford (9)

Sharon Paterson (5)         0930      Mary Towers (12)

Julie Birdsall (4)                0920      Margaret Walker (13)

Fiona Ker (3)                    0940      Nicola Halfpenny (14)

Kirsty Inkpen (6)               0950      Vicki Shirra-Gibb (11)

Denise Richards (7)         1000       Lily Towers (10)

Leanne Wilson (2)            1010      Jean Beattie (15)



The B Championship qualifiers FOR 2021:

Sunday 22Aug


Fiona Melrose                   Judith Dixon                       Elspeth Bell                         0930hrs

Wilma Craigie                    Ingrid Swan                        Mandy Douglas                  0940hrs

Joyce Michie                      Caroline Fernie                 Betty Scott                           0950hrs



Many thanks to all the ladies who played at the Hirsel on yesterday .

A great day was had by all and some super scores.

The finals will be played on the 21st/22nd of Aug at Minto

Many thanks to the Hirsel for looking after everyone we really did appreciate everything from the course to the refreshments......


Congratulations to the following players:

Silver Div

Scratch winner                  Ali Melvin                            71

1st Handicap                       Leanne Wilson                  68

2nd Handicap                      Vicki Shira Gibb                 69

3RD Handicap                      Denise Richards                 71


Bronze Div

1st Handicap                       Fiona Melrose                   71(OCB)

2ND Handicap                      Judith Dixon                       71




Ali Melvin x2

Leanne Wilson x2

Sharon Paterson x2

Alison Fleming

Fiona Ker

Orla O’Leary

Each player received £7 per 2




The above competition was also run on the same day this was due Covid 19 as we have been a very short season.


Silver Division

Winner :               Ali Melvin           44pts

2nd                          Leanne Wilson    40pts

3rd                           Vicki Shirra Gibb 40pts


Bronze Division

Fiona Melrose   37pts (ocb)

Judith Dixon      37pts


What a busy day we had, but very successful for everyone.

We have two events left in the season:


29th Aug               Lawrie Quaich which is a scramble team of 4 to be held at the Hirsel ,please can you find 3 friends to have a day out all handicaps welcome.

Entries to


12 Sept                 Jenny Cleghorn greensomes competition will be held on Sunday 12 Sept at Torwoodlee this year, so lets get it in your diaries and finish the season with a flurry .

Entries to


Many Thanks again please contact me with any problems.

Thanks for all your support