Tuesday 23 May 2023

Commonwealth Spoons Lauder 21st May - results

Thank you to everyone that played in the Commonwealth Spoons on Sunday we had 31 couples which was great.

A big thank you to Lauder Golf Club for their warm welcome and all the lovely food they provided for the ladies. Thank you to their greenstaff the course was in great condition.

Congratulations to our winners C Dorwood & M Maeso who won with a great score Net 66. They will go to Kings Acre on 4th September along with 2nd Place A Wood & J Hodge and 3rd Place M Fallas & L Gillie. 

All the best Ladies I am sure you will do the Borders proud.

No one had 2's yesterday so we will be carrying over the £62 to the Team Tournament .

Remember entries are now open for our next competition Team Tournament on the 11th June at Torwoodlee Golf Club to enter a 4 man Team please email Borderladiesgolf21@gmail.com.

Once again thank you all for your support


Tuesday 16 May 2023

Commonwealth Spoons Lauder Golf Club Sunday 21st May

Please see below the draw for the Commonwealth Spoons being held at Lauder Golf Club on Sunday 21st May. Entry is £6 per person. Please can you bring the correct change it really helps us out on the day. We will also be having a 2’s sweep to add a little bit more fun to the day it will be £2 per couple.

9.30   A Paterson/M Bland        M Rennie/C Campbell
9.40   G Lithgow/D Small          J Lough/L Wilkinson
9.50   K Chapman/G Hall          C Dorwood/M Maeso
10.00 M Walker/A Thomson     E Bain/V Scott
10.10 A Holton/V Hogg            C Fairnie/S McCall
10.20 R Wigmore/A Fleming     P Hogg/H Hughes
10.30 J Beattie/A Allan              J Allan/D Tomlinson
10.40 A Ker/L Flannigan            M Fallas/L Gillie
10.50 S Paterson/L Wilson        I Craigie/N Nightingale
11.00 M Rae/M Wilson             M Waddell/K Brackenridge

13.00 M Patterson/D Pringle    L Spalding/S Coltman
 13.10 M Towers/L Towers        S Lees/ A Prendergast 
13.20 A Wood/ J Hodge           W Craigie/ C Howden
13.30 D Richards/S Welsh        M Morrison/E Millar
13.40 K Inkpen/F Ker                D Cassidy/A Rutherford

The weather forecast looks good fingers crossed it stays like that.

The Ladies from Lauder have kindly said they will provide us with:
Bacon rolls in morning
Filled rolls
Tray bakes & maybe some scones.
We won’t go hungry so please bring plenty change.

We will be having a 2’s sweep £2 per couple just to add a little more excitement .

Thank you for entering it is much appreciated I hope you enjoy your day.