Sunday 30 June 2013

Jamboree - Day 2 afternoon

Final score vs Galloway. 3 1/2 : 5 1/2 to Borders

Galloway players first
Addi lost to Judith 4&3
Katie lost to Tara 1 hole
Tracey beat Sharon 4&2
Fiona beat Leanne Wilson 1 hole
Gwen lost to Julie 6&5
Shiela beat Dani 2&1

Dumfries play Galloway tomorrow.

Who will go through to the county finals in September??

Jamboree day 2

After morning foursomes vs Galloway, Borders lead 2 1/2 : 1/2
Galloway players first
Addi Samash and Tracey Milligan lost to Dani Ker and Tara Mactaggart 8&6
Katie Wright and Gwen Robson lost to Julie Birdsall and Sharon Paterson 4&2
Fiona Hunter and Shiela McMurtie halved with Judith Anderson and Liz Campbell

Saturday 29 June 2013

Liz after a hard day at the office

Jamboree - day one

4 1/2 : 4 1/2

Foresomes am (borders first)
Tara Mactaggart & Dani Ker bt Diane Macdonald & Rachel Walker 1 up
Sharon Paterson & Julie Birdsall bt Jordana Graham & Susan Clark 1 up
Judith Anderson & Liz Campbell bt Emma Greenlees & Mirren Fraser 5&3
Tara lost to Diane 5&4
Gillian Oliver halved Emma Greenlees
Sharon lost to Susan 1 hole
Julie bt Emma Kennedy 1 hole
Liz lost to Jordana 1 hole
Dani lost to Rachel 7&5

Friday 28 June 2013

Golf Administrator required within the SLGA

click here for link  and more details of this job opportunity

Sunday 23 June 2013

Team Tournament - Torwoodlee Golf CLub

RESULTS (best 3 out of the 4 scores counting)
Winners  Torwoodlee C (219)
Lorraine White (70) Mary Lillico (72) Claire Howden (77) Lucille Patterson (79)
Runners-up Torwoodlee A (222)
Venetia Scott (72) Liz Campbell (75) Isla Craigie (75) Denise Richards (75)

Roxburghe (239)
Dani Ker (78) Julie Birdsall (80) Fiona Ker (81) Patsy Laing (90)

Longest Drive (donated by Judith Anderson)
Silver - Dani Ker (Roxburghe)
Bronze - Ann Wild (Kelso)

Nearest Pin (donated by Liz Campbell & Gillian Oliver)
Fiona Ker (Roxburghe)
Sammie Barrie (St Boswells)

Many thanks to all concerned at Torwoodlee Golf Club.

Friday 21 June 2013


The south jamboree is being held on Saturday 29th June to Monday 1st July at Dumfries & Galloway golf club

Saturday - Dumfries v Borders
Sunday - Borders v Galloway
Monday - Dumfries v Galloway

Borders team
Judith Anderson
Tara Mactaggart
Julie Birdsall
Dani Ker
Liz Campbell
Sharon Patterson
Leanne Wilson
Gillian Oliver

Supporters welcome

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Team tournament - Torwoodlee 23/6/13 - draw

09:40 Isla Cragie (Tor B) Julie Birdsall 5 (Rox)
09:50 Lynn Gray 21 (Lau) Helen Cuthbertson (Tor A) Claire Howden (Tor C)
10:00 Elaine Brotherston 31 (Lau) Lucille Patterson (Tor C)
10:10 Linda Hogarth 35 (Lau) Joyce Corbett (Tor A) Lorraine White (Tor C)
10:20 Wendy Bryson 23 (Lau) Mary Lillico (Tor C) Marvin Bryden (Tor A)
13:30 Venetia Scott (Tor B) Sharon Paterson 5 (Kel A) Gillian Oliver 6 (St. B)
13:40 Alison Smith 10 (Hir B) Patsy Laing 10 (Rox) Leanne Wilson 11 (Kel A)
13:50 Sheila Leifer 12 (Hir C) Liz Campbell (Tor B) Fiona Ker 7 (Rox)
14:00 Elspeth Bell 13 (Hir A) DTomlinson 18 (Kel A) Sammy Barnie 22 (St. B)
14:10 A Fleming 19 (Kel A) Karen Hume 13 (Hir B) Dani Ker 3 (Rox)
14:20 Pam Cessford 13 (Hir C) P Robson 19 (Kel B) Jean Oliver 21 (St. B)
14:30 Kate Mole 20 (Hir B) G Herriot 24 (Kel B) Rineke Sangster 19 (Hir A)
14:40 Kath Fletcher 24 (Hir C) Isabel Nisbet 27 (Hir A) Grace Black (Tor A) 
14:50 A Wild 22 (Kel B) Joan Turnbull 29 (Hir B) E Pearson 23 (Kel B)
15:00 Mandy Lunn 16 (Hir A) Denise Richards (Tor B)
15:10 Rebecca McDonald 28 (St B) C McLain 36 (Hir C)

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Amalgamation news

Please click on the link below to read the minutes from the recent meeting regarding the amalgamation of SLGA and SGU

click to redirect to minutes

The Amalgamation Group wants to receive constructive feedback from everyone with the SLGA and SGU, including Directors, County committees, golf clubs and golf club members.
Please send your feedback to or by post to the SLGA Office in Perth.