Thursday 27 October 2022

Borders Trophy - message from our Past Captain Denise RIchards

 Good Morning Ladies

My last wee message to all our Border Lady golfers. I would just like to thank everyone for their support over the 2022 season and wish you all well for 2023 under the new leadership of Kirsty and her committee.

The AGM was well supported on Monday evening and under the section of AOB I brought to the attention of the ladies, a competition which was organized and run by each club alphabetically over the years but was NOT a BLCGA competition.

The Jedburgh ladies brought me a "Black box" at the end of our season which they had come across in their club and thought it would be of interest to us. It contained the minutes / constitution of the competition which was played for from 1949-2009. Kirsty and I have been trying to locate the two trophies, we have managed to find the Lady Henderson Trophy, silver division (the original county champion) but we have not found the Pettigrew Cup for the bronze.

Please could I ask everyone to hunt in their club's cupboards/ storage areas to help us locate the cup, it is a silver quaich 20cm diameter engraved "Pettigrew Cup Border Ladies Golf Tournament  - bronze division'  the trophy has two plinths, one wooden and one black.

Peebles /Hirsel/Melrose and Torwoodlee have been checked.

We would really like to start the competition again as it seems a shame to have these historical trophies sitting in cupboards.
Please contact us on our email to say if you have searched your clubs with or without success.

Many Thanks 
Denise Richards (Past Captain)

Tuesday 25 October 2022

Message from our new captain - Kirsty Inkpen

 First of all it was lovely to see so many faces at last night's AGM which was held at Melrose Golf Club. Thank you to all the ladies that turned up and also to Melrose Golf Club for allowing us to hold the AGM there.

I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank Denise Richards for all the hard work she has put into the Border Ladies County over a number of years I think its fair to say we may not of had a County Association without her efforts in keeping it going. Well done Denise.

I am really honoured to be taking on the role as the County Captain. I have been a member of the county for over 30 years and loved every minute of it. Golf is a great game although can be very frustrating at times but we make so many friends along the way and see some wonderful courses.

I would also like to wish Dawn Tomlinson (Hirsel GC) all the best for the year ahead as the Border Vets Captain.

See below the 2023 fixtures for you all to see. I think the V1 has helped with our communication and allowed us to reach a far wider audience and keep everyone up to date with all things Borderladies Golf.

Please remember if you have any questions just email and we will get back to as soon as we can.

I look forward to seeing everyone for the new season in 2023

Kirsty Inkpen


Thanks to all who attended the County AGM  held at Melrose Golf Club, it was great to see you all and thank you for your support.

The winners of 2022 Order of Merit Sharon Paterson (Silver) from Kelso and Caroline Fairnie (Bronze) from Hirsel

Our new Captain Kirsty Inkpen receiving her Captain's badge from Denise Richards

Monday 10 October 2022

BLCGA AGM - Melrose 24th Oct

Our AGM this year will be held at Melrose Golf Club on Monday 24th Oct at 1900hrs everyone welcome, it would be great if we could have representation from all the clubs, as our dates for 2023 will be confirmed on the night ready to start your golfing diary.

We are more than happy to hear any ideas of how to keep moving the County forward.
Look forward to seeing you on the 24th.

Order of Merit 2022

 Order of Merit 2022

Points have been awarded throughout the season to everyone taking part and extra points for 1st -5th place in all competitions.


1st Sharon Paterson 27 pts

2nd = Gillian Lithgow / Kirsty Inkpen 25 pts

4th Fiona Ker 22 pts

5th Ali Melvin 20 pts


1st Caroline Fairnie 25pts

2nd Fiona Melrose 22 pts

3rd Pat Turnbull 20 pts

4th Anne Paterson 17 pts

5th Flora Kerr 14 pts
Trophies will be awarded at the AGM

Sunday 9 October 2022

Lawrie quaich - Minto 9th October

What a lucky day we all had yesterday at Minto getting around the course dry, well all but the last 3 groups.
We had 18 teams take part with 15 ladies on their first outing of the season so we hope we will see you early in 2023.
The scores range form 58-66 so congratulations to the Innerleithen ladies winning the event
1st – 58 
Sarah Glendinning / Alison Notman / Kaye Sutherland / Linda Peebles

2nd - 59  Linda Geetons / Sene Paterson / Joan English / Gillian Lithgow

3rd - 60 (count back)  Leanne Wilson / Sharon Paterson / Sharon Lees / Doreen Pringle

Vouchers will be forwarded to your club.

Many thanks for everyone who has supported the County Association for 2022, looking forward to 2023 already.


Monday 3 October 2022

Lawrie Quaich Texas Scramble ⛳

We are off to Minto Golf Club on Sunday(9th Oct) for our last event of the 2022 season.

Tee Times as follows:


J Michie / M Adams / F Kerr / C Thom


A Paterson / M Bland / A Holton / J Brown


 F Melrose / C Fairnie / I Hume / M Taylor


M Pow / D Cassidy / A Rutherford / C Purves 


M Smail / K Chapman / H Hughes / P Hogg


L Geatons / S Paterson / M Towers / J English


J Shirra-Gibb / V Shirra-Gibb / K Nelson / L Bell


A Allan / J Beattie / D Elliot / M Rae


S Coltman / C Dalgleish / F Robson / J Smith


M Walker / A Thomson / H Forbes / J Dixon


S Glendinning / A Norman / K Sutherland / L Peebles


I Swan / J Roberts / M Gotterson / J Preston


D Richards / S Welsh / K Brackenridge / S Whiteford


B Scott / N Millar / J Davis / M Fallas


M Morrison / A Cockburn / F Turnbull / L Spalding


P Robson / P Laing / A Wilson / E Pearson


L Wilson / S Paterson / S Lees / D Pringle 


P Cessford / K Inkpen / A Melvin / R Wigmore 

Good Luck Teams, Enjoy! 🏌️

Tuesday 20 September 2022

Texas Scramble - Minto 9th October

 Good Afternoon Ladies

Our last event for this year is a Texas Scramble (teams of 4) at Minto on Sunday 9th Oct.
We have morning times from 1000hrs-1130hrs and afternoon 1300hrs-140hrs.
Your teams can be made up from any ladies from any club in the Borders so catch up with some friends and organise yourselves to have a we day oot .
Please send your teams names to our email address and the tee time you would like.
Your chance to gain more points towards the order of merit (Silver / Bronze Divisions)
Hope to hear from you soon Ladies.
Cheers Denise Richards

Tuesday 13 September 2022

Silver Jubilee Quaich

 Good Morning Ladies

We had a super day at Selkirk where the ladies supplied everyone with home made baking and sandwiches to get us through the day Many many thanks to everyone. 

We had 27 ladies take part, everyone managed to get around the course dry except the last group.(unlucky ladies)

Local knowledge was very helpful for both the silver and bronze section.

The winner of the Quaich was Martine Pow with 38pts from Pat McGee on count back
Silver 1st Martine Pow 38 pts
2nd Carol Purves 36 pts
3rd Kirsty Inkpen 35 pts
Bronze1st Pat McGee 38 pts
2nd Pat Turnbull 37 pts
3rd Caroline Fairnie 34 pts

The order of merit for the season has only one event left on Sunday 9th Oct at Minto a texas scramble (teams of 4) teams do NOT need to be all from the same club, so gather up your golf pals and have a day out to Minto.
Entries to

Silver Division
Kirsty Inkpen 23 pts
Fiona Ker 22 pts
Sharon Paterson 22 pts
Gillian Lithgow 19 pts
Ali Melvin 18 pts
Bronze Division
Caroline Fairnie 23 pts
Fiona Melrose 21 pts
Pat Turnbull 20 pts
Anne Paterson 15 pts
Wilma Craigie 13 pts

The AGM will be held on Monday 24th Oct location TBC ,it would be great if we could have a few ladies from each club in the Borders to attend.

Many thanks for all your support throughout the year,
See you on the 9th Oct.

Border Championships 2022

 We started in the wind and rain on Saturday morning but thankfully it dried up for the afternoon matches.


Fiona Ker beat Marvyn Brydon
Kirsty Inkpen beat Lynn Bruce
Rachel Wigmore beat Mary Fallas
Nicola Nightingale beat Flora Kerr
Ali Melvin beat Margaret Walker
Juneanne Clarke beat Denise Richards

Quarter finals
Fiona beat Sharon Paterson
Kirsty beat Rachel
Ali beat Nicola
Gillian Lithgow beat Juneanne

Semi Finals
Fiona beat Kirsty on the 18th
Ali beat Gillian 4/3

The Final of the A Championships was between Fiona Ker and Ali Melvin both from the Hirsel, It was a great privilege to referee this very competitive and friendly match, there was some super golf played by both ladies......Fiona managed to hang on to her lead ,as she was never down in the match winning on the 17th.


The Bronze Championships is a stableford competition... (95%)

CHAMPION for 2022 Anne Cockburn Hawick 31pts won on count back from

June Allan 31pts ,Anne Paterson 28pts ,Wilma Craigie 28pts ,Pat Turnbull 27Pts,Caroline Fairnie 27Pts,Mandy Douglas 26Pts,Fiona Melrose 26Pts Jan Dunbar19Pts Judith Dixon 18Pts and Joyce Michie 18Pts.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the players /caddies and spectators who took time to come and support the Championships this year.

Our next competition will be a stableford competition at Selkirk on Sunday 11th Sept.
Please send entries to there is morning and afternoon times available.

Many Thanks
Border Ladies Committee

Championship Qualifier - Torwoodlee

 Good Morning Ladies

Many thanks to all the ladies who played at Torwoodlee yesterday,the course was in great condition and the sun shone.
Thank you to Fiona Ker for sponsoring the nearest the pin.
Silver ......Dorothy Small Torwoodlee
Bronze ....Jan Dunbar Torwoodlee
Local knowledge at the 3rd was obviously required.

The Championships will take place over the week of the 20th/21st Aug at Peebles Golf Club.
The Championships will be a match play event and the Bronze will continue to be a stableford on the 21st.

Sharon Paterson (1) Bye
Marvyn Brydon (9) 0815hrs Fiona Ker (8)
Kirsty Inkpen (5) 0824hrs Lynn Bruce (12)
Mary Fallas (4) 0833hrs Rachel Wigmore (13)
Nicola Nightingale (3) 0842hrs Flora Kerr (14)
Ali Melvin (6) 0851hrs Margaret Walker (11)
Denise Richards (7) 0900hrs Juneanne Clark (10)
Gillian Lithgow (2) Bye


1012 Pat Turnbull Wilma Craigie
1021 Jan Dunbar June Allan Fiona Melrose
1030 Mandy Douglas Judith Dixon Caroline Fairnie
1039 Joyce Michie Ann Cockburn Anne Patterson

Look forward to catching up with everyone at Peebles, any problems please contact me on the email .

Our next event will be at Selkirk on the 11th Sept the Silver Jubillee Quaich this will be a individual event.
Entries to the
morning and afternoon times are available.
Please encourage your lady members to come along with you.

Thanks to everyone for your support.
Border Committee

Commonwealth Spoons - Hawick

Well what a fantastic sunny sunny day at the Vertish (Hawick) with great views across across our beautiful country.

We had 17 couples take part today and congratulations to everyone on completing their round.
Again local knowledge came into play with Laura Spalding and Susan Coltman winning with a 69 and Marjorie Rae and Jean Beattie runners up on countback with a 71.
Vouchers will be forwarded when Wilma returns from her holiday.
Laura and Susan will go forward to the finals to be held at Crieff on the 29th August (please confirm you are available)

The next competiton will be at Torwoodlee on the 7th Aug the championship qualifier.
All ladies in the Borders are eligible to play there is a Bronze and Silver section stroke play.
Times 0930-1130 and 1300-1500 please send your entry by email

Look forward to hear from you all please encourage your fellow club ladies to take part.

Many Thanks 
Denise Richards.

Monday 13 June 2022

Team Tournament - Kelso 12th June


Morning Ladies
Wow what a day yesterday wind, wind, wind and a little rain at Kelso but congratulations to everyone for surviving the day.
15 teams took part this year which is fantastic and we raised £111 in the raffle thank you.

Nearest the Pin
Bronze     Heather Hughes Jedburgh
Silver       Lynne Flannigan Kelso
Longest Drive
Bronze     Maria Smail Jedburgh
Silver       Alison Melvin Hirsel
There was only 2 2s so Lynne Flannigan and Diane Cassidy won £23 each

Scratch scores  
Kelso 1  254,
Hirsel 2 260,
Selkirk 2 261,
Torwoodlee 273,
Kelso 2 & Minto 283
Hirsel 1 296,
Hirsel 3 & St Boswells 309,
Selkirk 1 316,
Duns 319,
Hirsel 4 337,
13th Minto 2 359
Kelso 3 and Peebles NR

Handicap scores
Kelso 2  222,
Minto 1 227,
St Boswells 230,
Hirsel 1 231,
Selkirk 2 & Torwoodlee 233,
Duns 240,
Kelso 1 & Selkirk 1 242,
Hirsel 2 244,
Hirsel 3 251,
Minto 2 264
Hirsel 4 265.
Kelso 3 and Peebles NR

Points will be awarded to all players towards the order of merit Silver and Bronze trophies
I and the committee can only thank you all again for your continual support.

Our next event will be the Commonwealth Spoons foursomes at Hawick on Sunday 10th July please send your entries to our email

Order of Merit so far:
Bronze .... Fiona Melrose 12 pts Carolinr Fernie 11 pts Flora Kerr 8 pts
Silver ... Lynne Flannigan 14 pts Dawn Tomlinson 9 pts Fiona Ker 9pts

Good luck to the County team who will represent Borders at the South of Scotland Jamboree this weekend at Stranraer.

Orla O’Leary       Torwoodlee
Leanne Wilson   Kelso
Alison Melvin     Hirsel
Kirsty Inkpen       Hirsel
Sharon Paterson Kelso
Fiona Ker              Hirsel
Pam Cessford    Hirsel
Juneanne Clarke Peebles

Hope to see you all at Hawick in July
Denise Richards

Monday 6 June 2022

Team tournament - Kelso 12th June - Draw

1st Tee
09:30 "Dawn Tomlinson (14) (Hirsel)" "Lynne Flannigan (1i) (Roxburghe)"
09:38 "Leanne Wilson (4) (Kelso)" "Nicola Nightengale (7) (Torwoodlee)"
09:46 "Fiona Melrose (24) (St Boswells)""Gillian Lithgow (12) (Torwoodlee)""Jean Beattie (16) (Selkirk)"
09:54 "Caroline Fairnie (28 ) (Hirsel)""Marilyn Taylor (28 ) (St Boswells)""Eleanor Pearson (28) (Kelso)"
10:02 "Irene Hume (28) (St Boswells)""June Allan (18 ) (Hirsel)" "Marion Maeso (24) (Torwoodlee)"
10:10 "Joyce Michie (30) (Minto)""Susan Mccall (32) (Hirsel)"Jane Hopewell (21) Hirsel
10:18 "Maggie Scott (34) (St Boswells)""Sheila Irving (36) (Selkirk)"Pat Turnbull (23) (Hirsel)"
10:58 "Sena Paterson (34) (Minto)" "Aileen Kerr (36 ) (Hirsel)"
11:06 "Linda Geatons (32) (Minto)" "Gillian Herriot (31) (Kelso)"
11:14 "Pam Robson (25) (Kelso)" "Marvyn Brydon (1) (Torwoodlee)""Anne Patterson (29) (Minto)"
11:22 "Cherry Thom (18) (Minto)""Dorothy Silver (3) (Kelso)""June Swan (21) (Hirsel)"
11:30 "Sharon Lees (14) (Kelso)""Mandy Lunn (16) (Hirsel)"Ros Roxburgh (16) (Selkirk)"
11:38 "Anne Allan (22) (Selkirk )""Karen McKinlay (22) (Hirsel)""Joan English (29) (Minto)"
12:58 "June-Anne Clark (9) (Peebles)" "Patsy Laing (13) (Kelso)"
13:06 "Yvonne Sharatt (36) (Jedburgh )""Diane Johnston (30) (Duns)"
13:14 "Pauline Hogg (16 ) (Jedburgh)""Denise Richards (11) (Peebles)""Vicki Shirra-Gibb (17) (St Boswells)"
13:22 "Maureen Forsyth (27) (Jedburgh)""Lorraine Tait (28) (Duns)""Carol Mott (24) (Peebles)"
13:30 "Kathy Chapman (28) (Jedburgh)""Melanie Patterson (33) (Kelso)" "Mary McIntyre (32 ) (Peebles)"
13:38 "Margaret Gotterson (23 ) (Duns)""Maria Smail (24) (Jedburgh)""Alison Fleming (18 ) (Hirsel)"
13:46 "Heather Hughes (29) (Jedburgh)" "Flora Kerr (22) (Minto)"Elspeth Bell (22) (Hirsel)"
13:54 "Diane Cassidy (5) (Selkirk)""Fiona Ker (7) (Hirsel )""Janice Cambridge (17) (Minto)"
14:02 "Alison Rutherford (8) (Selkirk)""Ingrid Swan (19 ) (Duns)""Doreen Pringle (19 ) (Kelso)"
14:10 "Alison Melvin (4 ) (Hirsel )""Kirsty Inkpen (4) (Hirsel)""Sharon Paterson (6) (Kelso)"

Monday 2 May 2022

Tex Mex at the Hirsel 1st May

 A big thank you to everyone that played at the Hirsel Golf Club in todays first Border Ladies & Border Vets joint Tex Mex. The day was a great success and we received lots of positive feedback . We are sure this will become an annual event.

Results from Tex mex
1st June Swan Alison Rutherford J Stevenson Amanda Prendergast 65.8
2nd Caroline Fairnie Cherry Thom Liz Bain Margaret Wilkinson 67.6
3rd Janice Cambridge Mandy Lunn Kirsty Inkpen Mairi Cooke 68.1
4th Irene Hume Sheila Irving Leanne Wilson Pauline Hogg 69.5

Our next Border ladies competition will be the Team Tournament at Kelso Golf club on the 12th June entries are now open. Please email your entries to
Please state if your team is handicap or scratch.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 12th June

Please Note: Maximum handicap is 36 ( Anyone over 36 is welcome to play. Your handicap on the day will be 36)

Captain BLCGA

Tuesday 22 March 2022

Friendly match vs Midlothian 20th March at Newbattle

Many thanks to all the ladies who volunteered to play in the above match yesterday at Newbattle.

The sun shone and the shorts were out (brrr) a little early for most of us.

Midlothian ladies handicaps ranged from +1 to 5 and we ranged from 1 to 12 so the ladies played very well and although we did not win any matches two matches went to the 18th so well done everyone.

A good start to the season

Kirsty Inkpen              Hirsel 
Ali Melvin                 Hirsel
Fiona Ker Hirsel
Nicola Knightengale Torwoodlee
Junneanne Clarke Peebles
Gillian Lithgow Torwoodlee
Leanne Wilson Kelso
Sharon Paterson Kelso

Many Thanks for playing
Denise Richards





Just a reminder to everyone our first competition will be held on Sunday 17th April at St Boswells GC.

All golfers in the Borders are more than welcome to come and play handicaps will be capped at 36 .

Please send your entry to our new email address

With your CDH number / email addresses

And if you would like a morning time or afternoon tee time.

Hope to see you then with the sun shining.

Denise Richards Border Captain