Tuesday 30 June 2015

2015 Jamboree - Stranraer

Despite having many of the usual members missing either due to illness, injury or family commitments the Borders team played well, the final match scores did not reflect the close nature of most of the games.

Saturday - Dumfries v Galloway (7 - 2)
am foursomes
Rachel Walker & Gemma Batty beat Katie Wright & Maria Cowan 3&2
Diane Macdonald & Mirren Fraser beat Sheila McMurtrie & Tracey Milligan 5&4
Jordana Graham & Emma Greenlees beat Gwen Robson & Jenny Edmunds 3&2
pm singles
Rachel Walker lost to Katie Wright 5&4
Diane Macdonald beat Gwen Robson 3&2
Katie Malcolm beat Maria Cowan 1 hole
Jordana Graham beat Pat Magill 3&2
Mirren Fraser lost to Tracey Milligan 1 hole
Gemma Batty beat Sheila McMurtrie 2&1

Sunday - Dumfries v Borders (8 - 1)
am foursomes
Diane Macdonald & Mirren Fraser beat Alison Smith & Denise Richards 6&5
Rachel Walker & Gemma Batty beat Tara Mactaggart & Fiona Ker 4&3
Jordana Graham & Emma Greenlees beat Sharon Paterson & Leanne Wilson 2&1
pm singles
Gemma Batty beat Leanne Wilson 8&7
Rachel Walker beat Fioan Ker 3&2
Diane Macdonald beat Sheila Cuthbertson
Mirren Fraser beat Alison Smith 3&2
Jordana Graham beat Sharon Paterson 1 hole
Linsey Kirkwood lost to Tara Mactaggart 4&3

Monday - Galloway vs Borders (6.5 - 2.5)
am foursomes
Katie Wright & Maria Cowan beat Sharon Paterson & Leanne Wilson 6&5
Gwen Robson & Jenny Edmunds beat Denise Richards & Alison Smith 4&3
Sheila McMurtrie & Jean Brydson beat Tara Mactaggart & Fiona Ker 3&2
pm singles
Katie Wright lost to Tara Mactaggart 6&5
Gwen Robson halved with Sharon Paterson
Maria Cowan beat Sheila Cuthbertson 1 hole
Pat McGill beat Denise Richards 5&4
Tracey Milligan lost to Leanne Wilson 2 holes
Sheila McMurtrie beat Fiona Ker 4&3

Dumfries will join Angus, Midlothian & Ayrshire at the County Finals which will be taking place at Stranraer in September,

2015 Border Team
LtoR  Denise Richards, Fiona Ker, Alison Smith, Sheila Cuthbertson, Leanne Wilson, Sharon Paterson, Tara Mactaggart

Wednesday 24 June 2015

South Jamboree - Stranraer 27-29th June

The Border team defending the Mary J Greig Quaich in the South Jamboree this year at Stranraer Golf Club is

Judith Anderson (Hawick)
Sheila Cuthbertson (Peebles)
Fiona Ker (Roxburghe)
Tara Mactaggart (Minto)
Sharon Paterson (Kelso)
Denise Richards (Torwoodlee)
Alison Smith (Hirsel)
Leanne Wilson (Kelso)

27th Dumfries vs Galloway
28th Dumfires vs Borders
29th Borders vs Galloway

Format -  3 foursomes in the morning, 6 singles in the afternoon

Good luck girls, have a great weekend

Sunday 21 June 2015

Results Team Tournament -The Woll

We are extremely grateful to the Woll for allowing us courtesy for our Team Tournament which was played today in very changeable weather. The course was in great condition and we were looked after very well by all clubhouse staff

CSS 73

Scratch winners - 247
The Roxburghe (Julie Birdsall, Fiona Ker, Lynne Flannigan, Kirsty Baird)

Handicap winners - 225
Minto (Mary Towers, Carol Allott, Lily Towers, Tara Mactaggart)

Nearest pin at 5th (vouchers kindly donated by Leanne Wilson & Wilma Craigie)
Silver  - Fiona Ker
Bronze - Wendy Underhill

Longest Drive at 16th (vouchers kindly donated by Judith Anderson & Wilma Craigie)
Silver  - Fiona Ker
Bronze  - Wilma Craigie

Wednesday 17 June 2015

Team Tournament - The Woll, 21st June

The Team Tournament draw being held at The Woll on Sunday 21st June

8.10  C Howden (TWL2) L Flannigan (Rox)
8.18   M Bryden (TWL1) D Richards (TWL1) W Craigie (TWL1)
11.10  V Scott (TWL2) D Easton (Lau)              
11.20  C Campbell (Lau) Player 2 (Duns) J Dunbar (TWL1)
11.30  D Keddie (Peeb) Player 3 (Duns) L Hogarth (Lau)
11.40  E Brotherston (Lau) S Horsburgh (Peeb) K Baird (Rox)
11.50  V McKean (Peeb) A Wood (Duns) J Birdsall (Rox)
12.00  F Ker (Rox) S Cuthbertson (Peeb) Player 4 (Duns)
13.30  T Mactaggart (Min) E Bell (Hir)
13.40  J Craig (Sel) M Towers (Min)
13.50  A Smith (Hir) L Lendrum (Sel)
14.00  P Cessford (Hir) C Allott (Min)
14.10  G Lithgow (TWL2) B Davies (Sel) L Towers (Min)
14.20  W Underhill (TWL2) S Smith (Sel) C McLean (Hir)