Tuesday 23 November 2021

Fixture List 2022




Sunday 17th April

Jenny Cleghorn

St Boswells

Sunday 1st May

Joint  Tex Mex with BLVGA


Sunday 12th June 

Team Tournament


18th, 19th & 20th June

South Jamboree


Sunday 10th July 

Commonwealth Spoons


Sunday 7th August

Championship Qualifier 


20th & 21st August

Championship A & B


11th September 

Silver Jubilee Quaich


9th October Minto

Lawrie Quaich

(4 Team Texas )


All competition entries are now open if you would like to enter please email Captain Denise Richards

Borderladies21@gmail.com to enter.

A  few point to confirm:

  • Please specify on every entry if you would like a morning or afternoon tee time.  If not specified, you will be slotted in wherever  space is available.

  • If you are travelling with others, please also specify who and we will ensure you are drawn near each other

  • We hope you all have a wonderful season and please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or queries throughout the year to the email above.

Friday 22 October 2021

Border Ladies AGM - Thursday 28th October

We will be holding our AGM this year on Thurs 28th Oct 2021 at St Boswells golf club.

We welcome everyone to our meeting at 1900hrs to help us discuss and move forward with the Border Ladies.

It would be super if we could have a representative from each club as we confirm all our 2022 dates for the season and if we clash with any large events / club championships we can certainly look to change.


We are changing the constitution at the AGM , we hope this will encourage more ladies to come and play for the County.  Please click the link below to check it out 

Click here to display New Constitution

We look forward to catching up on the 28th.

Denise Richards

Wednesday 6 October 2021

Border Ladies AGM - 28th October

Well ladies we are at that time of year again.

We will be holding our AGM on Thursday evening the 28th Oct at St Boswells golf club 1900hrs.

It would be great if we could have representation from all the clubs in the Borders.

We will have the dates for the 2022 calendar.

This year 2021 we had the Championships in Aug which the majority of ladies asked seemed to think it was a better option than early May so we will be changing to the qualifier early Aug for 2022 with the finals at the end of Aug.

We are also changing the Constitution to hopefully allow more ladies to participate in Border competitions.

So lots of forward movement in the BLCGA

Please if you have any points you wish to bring to our attention please either email me at denisegrich7@outlook.com or we look forward to you attending the AGM


We have 2 vacancies on the committee, so please if you wish to come on board  contact me for further information.

Secretary post ( honestly not to hectic just need to be organised for 3 committee meetings and the AGM with emails from SG to be actioned)  and  1 x general member


See you on the 28th Oct


Cheers Denise Richards

Wednesday 15 September 2021


 Well ladies here are the results from the above competition held at Torwoodlee today.

A small field today, it seems to be busy time for other comps and club outings, but we will be back in April '22.


1st Silver               Martine Pow and Carol Purves   68.8

2nd                        Leanne Wilson and Doreen Pringle 71


1st Bronze            Kath Fletcher and June Allan 71


Many thanks to everyone.

Denise Richards.

Wednesday 8 September 2021


 Hi everyone

This is the draw for Sunday at Torwoodlee our last event of the year.

As you can see I have a odd number it would be great if we could get one more couple to even things up and NOT have a 6 ball, morning or afternoon can be arranged.


Please just give me a shout if you would like to play.

We have more times available if required.


1040hrs                Sheila Horsburgh / Lorna Rutherford                       Anne Allan / Jean Beattie

1050hrs                Marilyn Taylor / Irene Hume                                       Judith Dixon / Jill Roberts

1100hrs                Mandy Douglas / Judy Cairns                                       Fiona Melrose / Caroline Fernie


1310hrs                June Allan / Kath Fletcher                                             Marjorie Rae / Alison Rutherford

1320hrs                Sue Welsh / Denise Richards                                       Martine Pow / Carol Purves


Riz McGulie / Ingrid Swan  


There will be teas and coffees available at Torwoodlee with filled rolls.


See you all Sunday


Wednesday 25 August 2021


Ladies we have a big field on Sunday which is fantastic lets hope the weather stays dry for us.

Please if the team organiser can have their players exact handicaps the table will organise your team handicap for the day

(25% lowest 20%, 15% and 10% of the highest)


Entry fee £20 per team


0910 hrs               Jean Beattie

0920hrs                Joyce Michie


0940hrs                Maria Smail

0950hrs                Nicola Halfpenny

1000hrs                Carol Mott


1300hrs                Caroline Ferrnie

1308hrs                Kirsty Inkpen

1316hrs                Mandy Lunn

1324hrs                Duns 1

1332hrs                Fiona Ker

1340hrs                Denise Richards

1348hrs                Duns 2

1356hrs                Duns 3

1404hrs                Elspeth Bell


Please contact me with any changes denisegrich7@outlook.com

See you all on Sunday

Denise Richards

Sunday 22 August 2021

Border Ladies Championship at Minto


 Ali Melvin  -BLCGA Champion 2021.

Round 1
A Melvin beat Rachel Wigmore
Pam Cessford beat Isla Craigie
Sharon Paterson beat Mary Towers
Margaret Walker (bye)
Nicola Halfpenny (bye)
Kirsty Inkpen beat Vicki Shirra-Gibb
Lily Towers beat Denise Richards
Leanne Wilson beat Jean Beattie

Round 2
Ali Melvin beat Pam Cessford
Sharon Paterson beat Margaret Walker
Nicola Halfpenny beat Kirsty Inkpen
Leanne Wilson beat Lily Towers

Semi Final
Ali Melvin beat Sharon Paterson
Leanne Wilson beat Nicola Halfpenny

Ali Melvin beat Leanne Wilson

B Championship
Winner - Elspeth Bell 

Monday 2 August 2021

Upcoming competitions

29th Aug 
Lawrie Quaich is a texas scramble (team of 4) to be held at the Hirsel
Find 3 friends and have a day out, all handicaps welcome. 
Entries to denisegrich7@outlook.com 

12 Sept 
Jenny Cleghorn Greensomes will be held on Sunday 12 Sept at Torwoodlee 
Entries to denisegrich7@outlook.com 

Lets get these into your diaries and finish the season with a flurry 

Thanks for all your support 
Denise Richards

Border Ladies Championship Draw - Minto 21st/22nd August (amended)

 Border Ladies Championships 2021 Draw

Saturday 21st Aug


Alison Melvin (1)              0900       Rachel Wigmore (16)

Isla Craigie (8)                  0910      Pam Cessford (9)

Sharon Paterson (5)         0930      Mary Towers (12)

Julie Birdsall (4)                0920      Margaret Walker (13)

Fiona Ker (3)                    0940      Nicola Halfpenny (14)

Kirsty Inkpen (6)               0950      Vicki Shirra-Gibb (11)

Denise Richards (7)         1000       Lily Towers (10)

Leanne Wilson (2)            1010      Jean Beattie (15)



The B Championship qualifiers FOR 2021:

Sunday 22Aug


Fiona Melrose                   Judith Dixon                       Elspeth Bell                         0930hrs

Wilma Craigie                    Ingrid Swan                        Mandy Douglas                  0940hrs

Joyce Michie                      Caroline Fernie                 Betty Scott                           0950hrs



Many thanks to all the ladies who played at the Hirsel on yesterday .

A great day was had by all and some super scores.

The finals will be played on the 21st/22nd of Aug at Minto

Many thanks to the Hirsel for looking after everyone we really did appreciate everything from the course to the refreshments......


Congratulations to the following players:

Silver Div

Scratch winner                  Ali Melvin                            71

1st Handicap                       Leanne Wilson                  68

2nd Handicap                      Vicki Shira Gibb                 69

3RD Handicap                      Denise Richards                 71


Bronze Div

1st Handicap                       Fiona Melrose                   71(OCB)

2ND Handicap                      Judith Dixon                       71




Ali Melvin x2

Leanne Wilson x2

Sharon Paterson x2

Alison Fleming

Fiona Ker

Orla O’Leary

Each player received £7 per 2




The above competition was also run on the same day this was due Covid 19 as we have been a very short season.


Silver Division

Winner :               Ali Melvin           44pts

2nd                          Leanne Wilson    40pts

3rd                           Vicki Shirra Gibb 40pts


Bronze Division

Fiona Melrose   37pts (ocb)

Judith Dixon      37pts


What a busy day we had, but very successful for everyone.

We have two events left in the season:


29th Aug               Lawrie Quaich which is a scramble team of 4 to be held at the Hirsel ,please can you find 3 friends to have a day out all handicaps welcome.

Entries to  denisegrich7@outlook.com


12 Sept                 Jenny Cleghorn greensomes competition will be held on Sunday 12 Sept at Torwoodlee this year, so lets get it in your diaries and finish the season with a flurry .

Entries to denisegrich7@outlook.com


Many Thanks again please contact me with any problems.

Thanks for all your support


Tuesday 27 July 2021


 Good Morning ladies 

Please find attached the amended draw for Sunday 1 Aug.

Any problems please contact Denise on denisegrich7@outlook.com fingers crossed the weather is stays dry, the course is playing really great so looking forward to some fantastic golf.

0930  -     Ali Melvin              Isla Craigie

0940    -    Martine Pow        Nicola Nightengale        

0950   -     Elspeth Bell         Caroline Fernie          

1000   -    Joyce Michie         Fiona Melrose               Flora Kerr

1010  -

1020   -    Pam Cessford          Leanne Wilson           Rachel Wigmore

1030    -   Sharon Paterson      Lynn Bruce                 Kirsty Inkpen 

1040    -   Wilma Craigie           Mandy Douglas             

1050    -   Jean Beattie             Betty Scott                    

1100   -     Val McKean             Vicki Shirra Gibb          


1300    -   Diane Cassidy             Denise Richards        Alison Fleming

1310    -   Alison Rutherford         Margaret Walker       Julie Birdsall

1320    -   Sheila Cuthbertson      Fiona Ker                   Lily Towers

1330    -   Mary Towers                 Orla O’Leary

1340   -    Sheila Horsburgh          Ingrid Swan               Heike O’leary




See you all on Sunday

Cheers from the Border Ladies Committee

Sunday 25 July 2021


 Our next competition will be held at the Hirsel next Sunday, this is open to ALL ladies who are members of a Borders club.

There is Silver and Bronze sections.

Anyone wishing a wee day out for £8 please contact me on denisegrich7@outlook.com ASP


Many Thanks Denise

Monday 19 July 2021

Commonwealth Spoons - Results

What a great day we all had at Melrose Golf club, we had 18 couples playing in the hot hot sun but we all survived I hope.

The results were in favour of the local ladies with a win for

Janet Brown and Shirley Seabury Hart with a 65

The ladies will represent the County at Dullater on the 30 Aug

2nd Diane Cassidy and Alison Rutherford 67 (Selkirk) and a count back for 3rd went to Leanne Wilson and Sharon Paterson with a 71 (Kelso.)

Many thanks to the Melrose ladies for the scones and cakes they were fantastic.


Our next competition will be the Championship qualifier / Silver Quaich to be held at the Hirsel on Sunday the 1st of Aug morning and afternoon times available.

All ladies silver / bronze are more than welcome there are trophies and prizes for both sections.

Entries please to denisegrich7@outlook.com

Look forward to hearing from you

Thanks again from the Border Ladies Committee.

Denise Richards

Wednesday 14 July 2021

Draw Commonwealth Spoons - Melrose 19th July

 Well ladies here is the draw for Sunday 18th July at Melrose Golf Course

 We have started later to try and accommodate all the players.

1030       Dianne Cassidy / Alison Rutherford

               Mandy Lunn / Alison Melvin


1040        Marjorie Rae / Moira Wilson

                Sheila Horsburgh / Lorna Rutherford


1050        Janet Brown / Shirley Seabury

                Betty Scott / Val McKean


1100        Ann Allan / Jean Beattie

                Wilma Craigie / Mary Lillico


1110        Marny Waddell / Denise Richards

                Rachel Wigmore / Sue Welsh


1330        Fiona Ker / Wendy Neilson

                Iris French / Juneanne Clarke


1340        Christine Duncan / Eleanor Pearson

                Leanne Wilson / Sharon Paterson


1350        Laura Spalding / Susan Coltman

                Janet Shirra Gibb / Vicki Shirra Gibb


1400        Pam Cessford / Kirsty Inkpen

                Fiona Melrose / Caroline Fernie.


Any changes or new entries please contact me on denisegrich7@outlook.com

Look forward to catching up with everyone on Sunday.



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Friday 25 June 2021

Commonwealth Spoons - Melrose 18th July

 The next event will be held on Sunday 18th July at Melrose Golf Club

The competition is open to all Border lady golfers, you can select a partner they do not need to be the same club.

There will be am and pm times available (please nominate)

Names / CDH numbers /partners /club.

Please contact me with your details look forward to hearing from you all.


Tuesday 15 June 2021

Team Tournament - results

 Our first competition since 2019 and what a fantastic turn out from all 17 clubs ,many thanks to all the team organisers without you giving your time we would not have these competitions.

A good day was had by all ,a little windy but the rain stayed away thankfully.

Many thanks to Jedburgh golf club, Chris in the office Naomi and her team for the snacks etc and the ladies of Jedburgh for looking after us.


The Scratch Winners                                                      The Handicap Winners

Selkirk 1               263                                                         Jedburgh 1          224

Duns  2                 280                                                         Hawick 1              237

Hirsel 1                 283                                                         Duns 2                  240

Hawick 1              290                                                         Hirsel 3                 241

Duns 1                  296                                                         Minto 1                241

Jedburgh 1          301                                                         Hirsel 1                 242

Minto 1                303                                                         Selkirk 1               244

Hawick 2              312                                                         Hawick 2              246

Hirsel 2                 314                                                         Duns 1                  246

Hirsel 3                 315                                                         Hirsel 2                 248

Torwoodlee           320                                                         Jedburgh 2          249

Selkirk 2               320                                                         Melrose               250

Melrose               322                                                         Minto 2                253

Peebles 1             328                                                         Torwoodlee       257

Minto 2                331                                                         Selkirk 2               267

Jedburgh 2          344                                                         Peebles 1             274

Peebles 2             365                                                         Peebles 2             282


Longest drive – Silver      Martine Pow Selkirk       Nearest Pin -Silver           Mandy Lunn- Hirsel

Longest Drive Bronze -   Judith Smith Hawick        Nearest pin – Bronze      Joyce Michie- Minto

2s there was 3 lucky ladies winning £38 each Maria Smail Jedburgh Mary Towers Minto and Alison Rutherford Selkirk.


Our next competition will be the Commonwealth Spoons a foursomes event to be held on Sunday 18thJuly at Melrose golf Club.

Anyone wishing to enter please send me a email with your names /Club to me..... denisegrich7@outlook.com

Look forward to hearing from you all .