Wednesday 8 September 2021


 Hi everyone

This is the draw for Sunday at Torwoodlee our last event of the year.

As you can see I have a odd number it would be great if we could get one more couple to even things up and NOT have a 6 ball, morning or afternoon can be arranged.


Please just give me a shout if you would like to play.

We have more times available if required.


1040hrs                Sheila Horsburgh / Lorna Rutherford                       Anne Allan / Jean Beattie

1050hrs                Marilyn Taylor / Irene Hume                                       Judith Dixon / Jill Roberts

1100hrs                Mandy Douglas / Judy Cairns                                       Fiona Melrose / Caroline Fernie


1310hrs                June Allan / Kath Fletcher                                             Marjorie Rae / Alison Rutherford

1320hrs                Sue Welsh / Denise Richards                                       Martine Pow / Carol Purves


Riz McGulie / Ingrid Swan  


There will be teas and coffees available at Torwoodlee with filled rolls.


See you all Sunday