Wednesday 27 June 2018

Jenny Cleghorn - St Boswell 1st July


I have waited until the last minute to do the draw, there is so much going on so unfortunately only 13 couples.
Any problemswith your times please give me a shout.

1030      Marjorie Rae      Ros Roxburgh
              Riz McGuilie        Molly Hodge
1040     Pam Robson       Leanne Wilson
              Jaqui Preston     Anne Woods
1050     Marion King        Irene Middlemiss
              Diane Johnston   Marion Romanes
1100      Julie Birdsall
              Sharon Paterson    Eleanor Pearson

1250    June McCreadie   Pearl Leithead
             Pam Cessford       Alison Smith
1300   Marny Waddell    Sue Nelson

1310   Fiona Ker     Lucy Bell
            Janice Cambridge   Vic Geogegan

See you all on Sunday

Denise Richards