Thursday 14 June 2018

Draw for Team Tournament at Kelso on 7th June

Ladies it has been tricky to try and give you all the times you requested as the majority wanted late to midmorning, I hope you are all happy with your time.
0900          June Anne Clarke          Gillian Lithgow   
0910          Kirsty Campbell             Nicola Nightingale
0950        Julie Birdsall                    Pam Cessford
1000        Carina Bunyan                Janet Shirra Gibb
1020       Vicki Shirra Gibb              Diane Johnston
1030       Rineke Sangster               Lucy Bell
1040       Jaqui Preston                   Doreen Pringle              Sheila Horsburgh
1050      Anne Wood                       Christine McLain          Anne Allan
1100      Sheila Cuthbertson          Riz McGuilie                  Martine Pow
1110      Alison Rutherford            Fiona Ker                        Sharon Paterson
1120      Janet Brown                     Pam Robson                   Ann Fleming
1130      Sue Nelson                       Jean Beattie
1140      Val McKean                      Lynne Flannigan            Marjorie Rae
1150      Jacqui Porter                     Moira Wilson                  June Craig
1200      Biddy Henderson           Judy Cairns                      Pat Greenshiels
1300     Alison Smith                   Patsy Laing                       Denise Richards
1310     Mandy Lunn                  June Allan                          Dorothy Small
1320     Kath Fletcher                 Karen McKinlay
Please remember we will be having our annual raffle so any gifts for the stall are more than welcome.
I will see you all on Sunday
Many Thanks Denise