Wednesday 19 July 2017

Commonwealth Spoons Draw Hawick 23 July 2017

Ladies please if you require any changes to the draw please email me or contact my home on 01721 721609 as my mobile is unavailable.

1038.  Julie Birdsall
/Denise Richards                Judith Anderson/Rhea Middemass
1104.  Fiona Ker/Lucy Bell.                               Susan Coltman./Laura Spalding
1120.  Pearl Leithead/June McCreadie.          Vicki Shirra Gibb/Janet Shirra Gibb
1144 June Anne Clarke/Marny Waddell.        Mags Morrison/Anne Teague
1152. Sheila Cuthbertson/Sheila Horsburgh

1437. Janice Cambridge/Kaye Sutherland.      Claire Howden/Venetia Scott
1445. Diane Keddie/Iris French                         Ali Melvin/Kirsty Inkpen
1459 Sharon Paterson/Leanne Wilson.            Mary Towers/Lily Towers

Many thanks ladies see you on Sunday.

Cheers Denise