Monday 26 June 2017

Day 3 Jamboree Galloway vs Borders

Day 3 results
Galloway  vs Borders  (Galloway players first)
Morning Foursomes
G Robson & G Dewar lost to T Mactaggart & L Wilson 7&6
L Scott & K Wright lost to S Cuthbertson & K Inkpen 4&2
M Cowan & C Smith lost to J Birdsall & F Ker 3&1

Afternoon singles
K Wright halved with T Mactaggart
G Robson beat L Wilson 1 hole
M Cowan beat A Melvin 1 hole
G Dewar lost to S Paterson 3&2
A Lofts lost to J Birdsall 6&5
L Scott lost to F Ker 2 holes

Galloway 2 1/2  Borders 6 1/2