Wednesday 19 April 2017

Spring Competition Draw - Peebles 23rd April

Let's hope the weather stays dry and we all have a good day.
AM -Round
0933.        June-Anne Clark                         Jean Beattie
0942.        Marion Blades.                            Iris French
0951.        Gillian Lithgow.                          Leanne Wilson
1000.        Alison Smith.                               Sharon Paterson
1009.        Betty Scott.                                  Flora Kerr
1018.        Kathy Chapman.                          Diane Keddie
1027.        Lynne Flannigan.                         Maria Smail
1036.        Rachael Wigmore.                       Vicki Shirra -Gibb
1045.        Diane Cassidy.                             Julie Birdsall
1054.        Alison Rutherford.                       Gwen Dun
1103.        Elaine Brotherstone.                    Doreen Pringle

PM -Round
1403.      Jill Hodge.                   Morag Miller
1412.      Diane Johnson.           Anne Woods
1421.     Jackie Preston.             Sheila Horsburgh.      Lorraine Tait
1430.     Sheila Cuthbertson.     Orla O'Leary.             Janet Brown
1448.     Judith Anderson.         Venetia Scott.             Denise Richards
1457.     Claire Howden.           Carol Purves               Fiona Ker
1506.     Ingrid Swan.                Susan Coltman.          Wendy Underhill
Any problems please contact me on 07867958007 or email
Looking forward to catching up with everyone.