Saturday 4 May 2019

Championship Day 1

Well done and thank you to all who played today in the windy conditions.
Thank you to the spectators for supporting us.

Results day 1
Round 1
Martine Pow beat Janice Cambridge (8&7)
Leanne Wilson beat Fiona Ker (2&1)
June-Anne Clark beat Carina Bunyan (19th hole)
Lynn Bruce beat Sharon Paterson (3&2)
Julie Birdsall beat Marny Waddell (7&6)
Denise Richards beat Gillian Lithgow (7&6)
Orla O’Leary beat Anne Dods (1up)
Tara Mactaggart beat Kirsty Inkpen (6&5)

Round 2
Martine Pow beat Leanne Wilson (5&3)
Lynn Bruce beat June-Anne Clark (6&5)
Julie Birdsall beat Denise Richards (4&3)

Tara Mactaggart beat Orla O’Leary (5&4)

Semi finals Sunday morning
9.00 - Martine Pow vs Lynn Bruce
9.10 - Julie Birdsall vs Tara Mactaggart

Final 1.00pm