Sunday 24 March 2019

Match vs East Lothian

Our second friendly match was played at Minto today on a mainly dry but breezy day. We again played 4 matches of foursomes with East Lothian winning 3 ½ to ½.

June-Anne Clark and Fiona Ker halved match against Kay Lannin and Dulcie Barnes.
Gillian Lithgow and Vicki Shirra-Gibb lost to Alyssa Balding and Anne Sewell. 1up
Lynne Bruce and Caroline Fairnie lost to Gail McKill and Dianne Brown. 1up
Fiona Melrose and Chris Waterson lost to Sue Penman and Karen Fullerton. 4/3

Thank you to all the ladies who came to play and I hope to see you all at St Boswells for the Jenny Cleghorn.

Best wishes