Monday 2 July 2018

Results - Jenny Cleghorn Sunday 1st July, St Boswells

What a fantastic day the sun shone all day and was pretty hot down by the river.
The ladies of St Boswells looked after us all with  tea /coffee and home baking followed by long cold drinks on our return, thanks Mary and her team.
It was great to see new ladies taking part in our competitions.    
The results were as follows
Bronze Section
 1st Janice Cambridge  (Innerleithen)             Sheila Smith (Woll)               net 62
2nd Joyce Michie   (Minto)                            Marylin Adams  (Minto)        net 64.2
3rd June McCreadie (Hawick)                       Pearl Leithead   (Hawick)      net 67
4th Diane Johnston  (Duns)                           Marion Romanes  (Duns)       net 68.2
5th Marion King  (Minto)                             Irene Middlemiss   (Minto)     net 73.8
Silver Section
1st Wilma Craigie   (Torwoodlee)                Denise Richards (Peebles)       net 62.8
2nd Pam Robson (Kelso)                               Leanne Wilson  (Kelso)           net 67.7
3rd Fiona Ker  (Roxburghe)                          Lucy Bell  (Roxburghe)           net 68
4th Jaqui Preston  (Duns)                              Anne Wood (Duns)                  net 69.6
5th Riz McGuilie (Duns)                              Molly Hodge  (Duns)                net 70.2
6th Sharon Paterson  (Kelso)                        Eleanor Pearson  (Kelso)          net 71.8
7th Marny Waddell  (Peebles)                       Sue Nelson  (Peebles)              net 72.2
8th Marjorie Rae   (Selkirk)                          Roz Roxburgh  (Selkirk)          net 73.8
9th Pam Cessford  (Hirsel)                           Alison Smith (Hirsel)               net 74
10th Julie Birdsall  (Roxburghe)                 Kirsty Baird (Roxburghe)          net 79.6 (too much chat )
Our next competition for the Border Ladies will be held at Peebles on the 22nd July. Tee off times are from 1330-1500
The Commonwealth Spoons is a foursomes competition so find a friend and send me your entry and please encourage  other club lady members to come along as ALL ladies in the Borders are members of the County and can take part in all our events.