Tuesday 17 April 2018

Spring Qualifier Draw - Duns 22nd April

Ladies we managed to get earlier times for the afternoon so please if you have a problem with your time please contact me ASAP.
They tell me the sun will be out on Duns golf course on Sunday .


1016    Alison Smith                               Sharon Paterson
1024    Pam Cessford                             Carina Bunyan
1032    Julie Birdsall                                Leanne Wilson
1050    Betty Scott                                  Doreen Pringle
1100   Joyce Michie                               Fiona Craigmile


1328    Sheila Cuthbertson                 Ann Woods
1336    Sue Nelson                               Wilma Craigie
1344    Shelia Horsburgh                    Diane Johnston
1352    Marvyn Brydon                       June Swan
1400    Janice Cambridge                   Rineke Sangster
1408    Martine Pow                           Claire Howden
1416    Carol Purves                            Riz McGulie
1424   Rachel Wigmore                     Vicki Shirra Gibb
1432   Diane Cassidy                          Elspeth Bell
1440   Alison Rutherford                   Jill Hodge
1448   Mandy Lunn                            Ingrid Swan
1456   Olivia Oleary                           Denise Richards            Orla Oleary

See  you all bright and breezy on Sunday

My mobile number is 07867958007

Cheers Denise Richards