Thursday 1 March 2018

Alternate day for championship qualifier

Just to keep you up to date at our committee meeting last week it was brought to our attention this year the Scottish golf event" Helen Holm "competition has clashed with the Border ladies qualifying competition on the 22nd of April.
Last year we decided that due to the fact this event was a high level of Scottish golf we allowed Tara Mactaggart to play her qualifier a week early.
Again we have decided to allow this to happen as we think, we as a County should encourage our ladies to participate at the highest level. If any other player in the same situation with Scottish golf  events please contact myself as we have arranged a alternative date of the 15th April to play at Duns with a committee member.

Many thanks for your co-operation

Hope to see you all at the Jenny Cleghorn at St Boswells on the 8th April.
please check the webpage.....

Thanks Denise