Sunday 22 May 2016

Charity Texas Scramble

It was a bit blowy both morning and afternoon at Monksford yesterday but everyone thoroughly enjoyed the course.
Wilma’s team                60.4
A L Turnbull’s team       61.5
Fiona’s team                 63.0
Isla’s team                    63.6
Gwen’s team                64.1
Alison’s team               64.5
Julie’s team                  66.0     
Doreen’s team             67.3
Patsy’s team                68.1
Sheila’s team               70.3
Iris’s team                    71.2
Carolyn’s team             76.1
John’s team                 76.6
£240.00 has been sent to St Abbs Lifeboat Charity Appeal.
A big thankyou to everyone who took part.  
Many thanks to the Rooneys for allowing us courtesy of the course