Saturday 2 May 2015

Day one of Championships at The Roxburghe

The semi finalists have been decided after an eventful first day. Good luck tomorrow to you all

First round
Fiona Ker (Bye)
Lorraine White lost to Leanne Wilson (2 holes)
Liz Campbell beat Alison Rutherford (6&5)
Sharon Paterson lost to Sheila Cuthbertson (1 hole)
Julie Birdsall & Ev Rafferty - both withdrew
Carol Purves lost to Tara Mactaggart (10&8)
Alison Melvin lost to Denise Richards (19th)
Judith Anderson (Bye)

Quarter finals
Fiona Ker lost to Leanne Wilson (4&2)
Liz Campbell lost to Sheila Cuthbertson (4&3)
Tara Mactaggart (Bye)
Denise Richards lost to Judith Anderson (5&4)

9.00 Leanne Wilson vs Sheila Cuthbertson
9.10 Tara Mactaggart vs Judith Anderson

Final 13.40