Wednesday 13 November 2013

Open letter from Isobel Massie (Past President)

I am so sad to read your message to the members of Borders . I think it is dreadful that nobody is willing to take on the Captaincy. I know it has been a struggle for years to find people who will do anything other than turn up and play competitions , but this is awful . You have done a great job and that makes you a hard act to follow , you must  be the youngest ever Captain and done it so well . But there are members who have enjoyed their golf in the Borders and merrily gone on to the Vets without any thought of giving something back . When I was invited to be Captain I saw it as an honour , even more so not being born a Borderer. The second time around, like you I could not get  a vice captain , and it was not easy doing it from Haddington, so I can understand your frustration .
There has never been been more promise for the County than now with the fine young girls coming through , and it would surely be rewarding to be the  Captain  with all this happening  and extremely sad if it all falls apart .
I fully support you in your stepping down , you have certainly done your bit . I really hope someone will come forward on the 25th .
Best Regards