Sunday 10 March 2013

Match vs Midlothian at Eyemouth 10th March

In atrocious conditions (wind, snow and extremely cold) at Eyemouth the match against Midlothian unfortunately had to be abandoned.
The scores at the time were as follows (Midlothian first)
Wendy Nicholson & Emily Dalgetty 2 up vs Judith Anderson & Liz Campbell (after 8)
Hannah Scott & Jessica Dalgetty 1 up vs Lyn Douglas & Denise Richards (after 7)
Kate McIntosh & Heather Laing 1 down vs Tara Mactaggart & Dani Ker (after 6)
Linda Bain & Kirsty Burgess 1 up vs Sharon Paterson & Leanne Wilson (after 5)
Junior match
Julia Smith & Anna Massey A/S vs Rebecca Macdonald & Amy Martin (after 5)

Many thanks to Eyemouth for their hospitality, hopefully the weather will improve soon!!