Monday 28 May 2012

Draw for Team Tournament Duns 3rd June 2012

We have been informed that the Jim Clark Rally is this weekend so please allow extra time for travelling as the roads around Duns will be busier than usual,  we have been assured that we will be able to get to the golf course 
9.30am Player 1 Lucille Patterson
Duns 1 Torwoodlee 3
9.40am Player 2 Fiona Runciman
Duns 2 Torwoodlee 3
9.50am Jean Beattie Alison Fleming  Leanne Wilson
Selkirk 1 Kelso  Kelso 
10am Sharon Patterson Denise Richards Carol Purves 
Kelso Torwoodlee 1 Selkirk 1
10.10am Isla Craigie  Frances Falconer Player 2
Torwoodlee 1 Melrose Duns 1
10.20am Alison Rutherford  Venita Scott Janet Shirra-Gibb
Selkirk 1 Torwoodlee 1 Melrose
10.30am Diane Cassidy  Player 1 Dani Ker
Selkirk 1 Duns 2 Roxburghe
10.40am Fiona Ker Marvyn Brydon Meg Thompson
Roxburghe Torwoodlee 2 Torwoodlee 3
10.50am Sharon Lees Julie Birdsall
Kelso Roxburghe
11am Grace Black Player 3 Player 3
Torwoodlee 2 Duns 1 Duns 2
1.30pm Anne Dods Helen Cuthbertson
Torwoodlee 1 Torwoodlee 2
1.40pm Ros Roxburgh June Craig
Selkirk 2 Selkirk 2
1.50pm Fay Cockburn  Lynn Douglas Player 4
Selkirk 2 Hawick Selkirk 2
2pm Judith Anderson Player 1 Player 4
Hawick St Boswells Duns1
2.10pm Player 2 Tara Mactaggart Ailsa Mitchell
St Boswells Minto Hawick
2.20pm Alison Von Ruben Player 3 Player 1
Minto  St Boswells Duns 3
2.30pm Player 4 Player 4 
Duns 2 St Boswells
2.40pm Player 2 Carol Allott Player 3
Duns 3 Minto Duns 3
2.50pm Player 4 Player 4  Janet Brown 
Duns 3 Melrose Melrose